9 things every dad-to-be should do

Dads, here is your survival guide for nine months of pregnancy.

There is so much a man can do for his pregnant wife, but the trouble is he usually doesn t know what to do for her. While everyone has abundant advice for the mother, the father is left all alone during pregnancy. Then due to lack of knowledge or suggestions he does what he doesn t want to do ignores his pregnant wife altogether. If your wife is expecting and you are feeling lost but want to help her, here is a simple gist of things for you to get started.

1. Read books on labour and delivery

Even though you are not the one who will end up in the labour room, you need to know what she is going to endure. Only then can you empathise with her and become the kind of support that she is expecting out of you. Apart from this, here are eight things that you can do to keep her happy.

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2. Attend antenatal classes

This is not just to keep her happy, but for you to become a better father. The tips given in the classes are going to be handy after the baby arrives. There are going to be times when you will have to be a part of the diaper changing routine and take turns to burp the baby. The sooner you learn the basics, the better. Here are few tips to make the transition from husband to father a smooth run.

3. Be available always (at least over the phone)

She will want an ice-cream, she will not want an ice-cream, she will want you to draft her birth plan, she will want you to stay away from it, she will be overwhelmed with emotions, she will want to stay alone. Whatever it is, always be at her side when she needs you, if that is not possible be available on the phone when she wants to vent out. If you are busy with work Skype, Whatsapp or do a video call when needed. These little things help.

4. Write her pregnancy journal

Write down all the changes you notice in her from your perspective. Her mood swings, how her baby bump emerged, how she changed for the better and how she went awww looking at baby pictures. You can gift her this journal after delivery to remind her of the good times she had.

5. Remind her of her antenatal visits

Wondering how to pamper her? Take advantage of her antenatal visit dates and send her flowers and chocolates as reminders. Not that she would not remember about her visits, this can be a great way to bond and show that you care. If you are a real romantic type, write personal messages with every gift you send.

6. Try to make sense of the sonography report, read and re-read it with her

Okay, we know neither can you make any sense of that sonography report nor can she. But she is going to sit with the report umpteen times and talk about how beautiful your baby is. Sit with her and do it over and over again, even if you don t want to. Your soccer matches on TV can wait but her pregnancy is not going to be forever.

7. Talk to the doctor and clear your doubts

If you are really concerned about her health and probably her antics, make special notes and discuss the same with your doctor when you visit with her. Instead of asking her, What can I do to make you feel better? Read about her symptoms and discuss it with your doctor to help her. If you can find that one thing which gives her relief from nausea and heartburn on your own, you will always be a hero to her.

8. Choose maternity wear

Shopping is every woman s favourite stress buster more so when she is pregnant. Take her shopping, some women seem to be comfortable with the changes happening to their bodies, others despise it. Nevertheless, help her choose the clothes that will compliment her baby-bump. She can do it for herself, but if you do it for her its sheer joy. After all you didn't just love her for her curves, or did you?

9. Do what she wants

We kept the most important tip for last. Now, no matter what we tell you, always do what she wants you to do, no question asked. In the end, all that matters is that she is happy and can vent whenever she wants.

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