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The 8 best sex positions to conceive a baby

Sexual pleasure can also increase the chances of becoming pregnant, say experts.

What can you do to make the process of 'baby making' more fun and successful? Here are some tips that work!

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : May 21, 2020 4:19 PM IST

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Trying to conceive is like the most difficult thing for some couples. For a fertile couple, there's a good chance of getting pregnant within a year. Others may take up to two years to conceive, but it may not happen at all for a few couples.

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Several factors can affect your chances of getting pregnant, such as: reproductive problems, age, diet, lifestyle, job, weight, chronic illnesses and frequency of sex. If you want a baby, aim to have sex at least three to four times a week, throughout your cycle. But the positions you have sex also matters. Yes, the way you and your partner are having sex is also one of the factors that mitigate a successful pregnancy.

If you are trying to get pregnant but haven't had any sucess lately, it's probably time to change the sex positions. Here are the top 8 sex positions to conceive a baby.

A few things first: If you are trying to conceive, the thumb rule is to have regular and frequent sex especially when you are ovulating -- which is probably your most fertile period. Apart from that some sex positions that help in deeper penetration are great to help your man's sperm travel towards your egg easily. Also it is essential that you orgasm, because the contractions that occur in your uterus when you orgasm helps your man's sperm reach their destination faster. In additiion, it is also essential that you spend a sizeable amount of time in foreplay.

Here are nine foreplay moves that would make your man wild in the bed. The positions that work the bestMissionary: Lie on your back, with your man on top. The fact that your pelvis is not tilted to face downwards helps his sperm move closer to the cervix making it easier for you to concieve and as a bonus your man has great leeway to achieve better penetration. While there is no real evidence, some people say placing a pillow below your hips helps his sperm travel deeper towards your cervix. Here are six lesser known things that make sex exciting for men.

missionary-sex-positionDoggy style: A great position and most men will agree they love it the doggy style is great for baby making. Doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and opens up the cervix just a little bit more than other positions. Read how to do the doggy style right. doggy-styleGlowing triangle: This pose is an offshoot of the missionary position. Here your man is on top with you below him, the difference being that the man is on all fours with his legs extended out. Your pelvis is raised (you can use a pillow for that added lift) and you can wrap your legs around your man. This position helps in increasing the depth of the penetration and tilts your pelvis upwards. The best part about this position is that your man need not move, you can do all the work. To help make the sex even better, spend time exploring and arousing each other before the final act. Here are five foreplay moves that would make your woman want more out of sex. glowing triangleThe rock and roller or anvil: Something like the missionary, this position ensures that your partner penetrates deep, and hits your G-spot -- helping in conception. In this position you are on your back and your man is on top. You then raise your legs such that they are above your head and then your man penetrates you.

Magic mountain: This pose is just like the doggy style, but has the man bending over you, such that your back is against his chest. Here, you are bent over at the waist, and can use pillows beneath your ead to stabilise your upper body. You can reduce the number of pillows to increase the bend in the your waist helping yourpelvis tilt even more. This pose allows for deep penetration, hits the G spot, stimulates the clitoris and is perfect for baby making. magic mountainSpooning: Another common position with great benefits. With your man positioned behind you as you lie down, this pose ensures that your partner's sperm reaches your cervix as your pelvis is tilted at a 90 degree angle. You can try variants of this pose where your legs are spread open and rest on the outer surface of the man s thighs. This not only adds to the spice of this position it helps you hold her really close. spooningPositions for the more adventurous

Plough: In this position you will be standing on your hands, with your legs in the air. Your partner will get inbetween your legs, holding your legs with his hands just like you would a wheel barrow.

Butterfly: In this position you lie on your back on a table. Your man steps in between your feet and raises your hips with his hands (you could add pillows for that added lift). This position raises the raunchy quotient of your sex life, ensuring better penetration and helps his sperm stay in your vagina. butterfly sex position Last but not the least, youshould lie down with your legs up in the air with your pelvis raised off the bed. To make the insemination process more efficient you can place a few pillows below your lower back to help keep the sperms in your vagina longer and prevent it from flowing out. Although there are a large amount of sperm in one ejaculate, that are enough to impregnate you, staying stationary for a while after ejaculation is a good way to help the process along. Have any doubts about how to get pregnant, click here.

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