Should you masturbate during pregnancy?

Read this if you have sexual urges during pregnancy.

Many couples have this question in mind, should they have sex during pregnancy. Most doctors advise couples to refrain from any sexual activities for the first three months of pregnancy as a precaution since the chances of miscarriage during this period is high. But seldom does anyone ask (even women) if it is fine for the expectant mum to masturbate during pregnancy. In fact, there is very little research or literature about the pros and cons of masturbation during pregnancy. Here is all that you need to know about female masturbation.

But women know that pregnancy simply doesn t turn off sexual urges. However, it affects each woman in a different way. Some might feel sexually aroused during pregnancy and others might detest it. The later stages of pregnancy are quite tiring and exhausting, so one loses sexual interest during that phase and penetrative sex might be a difficult task. In such cases, masturbation becomes an easy rescue if sexual urges arise.

Is masturbating during pregnancy safe? There are enough studies that indicate nipple stimulation and breast massage close to delivery can initiate early labour due to the release of the hormone oxytocin and prostaglandins that ripen the cervix and eventually open it for childbirth. The same is also argued for genital stimulation that can be achieved through masturbation [1]. However, some studies that tried to explore the effect of having sex during pregnancy cited that these are mere theories and there isn't much evidence to support this hypothesis. In fact, there aren t enough data to even support the theory that having sex close to the expected delivery can lead to the onset of premature labour. It concludes that sex or genital masturbation during pregnancy have no harmful effects on low-risk pregnancies.

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So, if you are an expectant mum and reading this article, let us tell you that complying with your sexual urges during pregnancy is not harmful provided you fall under the low-risk pregnancy category. If you have any other underlying condition like diabetes or hypertension then probably release of oxytocin due to genital stimulation can have an impact on the fetus and labour. Have a word with your doctor in case you masturbate regularly. Don t shy away from asking this it is better to be informed than being sorry later.


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