Real women share their most bizarre experiences of labour

Get a dose on what happens during labour from these real women.

If you have never been pregnant, you must have read about the general signs of labour. You know that your water breaks and you start having contractions. But what most books and websites won t tell you are the hilarious, wacky, strange and frightening things that happen in labour. It s true that no two labour stories are alike. We got a few real women to tell us their most bizarre experiences of labour.

Screamed my heart out

I was in terrible pain, and I screamed my heart out. The nurse walked in and said to me that you are scaring the mums in the other room. But I could hardly care about others at that point in time and continued screaming until I got my shot , says Jana.

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My vagina felt drunk

After trying to breathe through the contractions for a few hours, I finally asked for an epidural. Once they gave it to me I was free of pain. My anesthesiologist came in to check on me, and I told him that my vagina felt drunk. He tried to keep a straight face on my comment but could not. He turned his back and started to laugh hard says Lynda. Here are 5 things that happen to you after delivery that no one speaks about.

Silly mistake

The nurse was so worried and nervous about getting my newborn son cleaned up that she tried taking him even before she cut the umbilical cord. I felt like punching the lady at that moment. You definitely cannot handle so many traumas in a labour room , says Rishika.

Horrible sight

Everything was normal in the labour till my doctor showed me the placenta and I almost puked , says Tracy.

Emotional delivery

When my daughter was born, I was asked if the intern could observe the birth. I was okay with it but little did I know that she would start crying during birth. She had been sniffling and crying, getting all emotional so much so that she was gently taken out of the room by the nurses , says Aditi.

Baby position change

Few hours after the induced labour my stomach looked like a mountain and a valley from the position I was lying down. My baby s position was diagonal, and it looked like the baby had gathered on one side. I was recommended bed rest by the doctor until delivery , says Swapna. Here are the procedures involved in a vaginal birth.

Easy labour

When I was almost 10 centimetres dilated, the nurse asked me to call her if I experienced a lot of pain. But I was doing fine, texting my friends and talking to my brother on the phone. I suddenly started feeling pressure and put my hand down there and felt that I almost touched my son s head. I immediately called the nurse, and the delivery was really smooth. I told the hospital authorities that they owe me a refund , says Prabhpreet.

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