Real women reveal the surprising ways they learnt they were pregnant

Hint-- It was not the pregnancy test.

We have all heard of women who did not know they were pregnant until they noticed their belly growing when they were already five months pregnant. Many women are in the dark until at least a few weeks of pregnancy. Here are surprising ways some of these women found out that they were pregnant.

I could not run: My husband I was training for a marathon, and I suddenly could not keep up. My husband asked me if I were sick because I had been breathing heavily. I shared this with my friend who is also a fitness trainer, and she told me that being out of breath can be a symptom of pregnancy. I went to the pharmacy to get the home pregnancy kit test and found out that I was pregnant. My gynaecologist later told me that many women find themselves out of breath during the first semester of pregnancy , says Maumita. You should know these six early signs of pregnancy.

I could not eat pastries: I skipped my periods. I did not bother much until I went to a party with a few of my friends the following week. I have a sweet tooth, and that particular day I could not take a bite of my favourite red velvet cheesecake. A friend suddenly popped the question, are you pregnant? She rolled her eyes, but I was confident that I could be pregnant. I did not trust the at-home pregnancy test anymore and visited the doctor only to find out that I was pregnant , says Debjani.

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I gained weight: I was on low-dose birth control pills, and it was the time when I had been gaining weight rapidly. I often felt tired and realised that I had skipped my periods. I shared this with my doctor, and she suggested me to take up a pregnancy test. I found that not only was I pregnant but was also 12 weeks along. The low-dose birth control pill apparently did not work , says Dolly. Here are uncommon signs of pregnancy you probably did not know.

I was spotting: I skipped periods, so I took the home pregnancy test. To my relief, the result was negative. Just to be further sure about it, took another home pregnancy test and found a vague pink line. My husband insisted me to go for a pregnancy test in a clinic, however, on the same day, I found myself spotting. At that time I was confirmed that I was not pregnant as I thought I got my periods. But to my shock, the reports were positive. I was only spotting because I was pregnant and it was not the monthly Aunt Flo , says Amita.

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