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Surprising benefits of listening to music while pregnant

Surprising benefits of listening to music while pregnant
Listening to music during pregnancy may help lower your stress and anxiety levels.

Studies have shown that listening to music while pregnant can benefit both the mother and the unborn baby in many ways.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori |Updated : August 20, 2020 12:27 PM IST

Listening to music is an easy way to lift the mood or relieve stress. Because of its healing power, music therapy has been used since ancient times to treat a variety of physical and mental problems. Some surgeons believe that playing their favourite music help relieve stress in the operating room. In addition, extending music to patients is known to improve surgical outcomes. Studies have also revealed that listening to music while pregnant can benefit both the mother and the unborn baby in many ways.

Exposure to music while in the womb was linked to significant improvement in the overall mental, cognizant, behavioral, sensory, psychological and emotional development in unborn babies.

Effects of Indian classical music on pregnant women

A study found that Indian classical music, specifically the Kalyani raga, has a significant influence on both the pregnant women and their unborn babies. As part of the study, a group of pregnant women was encouraged to listen to Karnatic music of Kalyani raga for at least 20 minutes each day. After 20 days, the researchers saw improvement in the unborn baby's reflexes, responses, movement and mental stimulation, while it provided calming and positive effects on the pregnant woman. Below are 6 more reasons why you should listen to music during pregnancy.

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Lowers stress and anxiety levels

It's normal to feel a little worried and stressed when you're pregnant. But high levels of stress and anxiety during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, preterm delivery, and a baby born with low birth weight.

Maternal anxiety early in pregnancy is also linked to a child's susceptibility to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) years later.

Listening to music may help calm your mind and uplift your mood, which in turn helps lower your stress and anxiety levels. Music can also reduce any stress that the foetus may feel in the womb, say experts.

Strengthens the bond with your unborn baby

Music can evoke positive emotions, which in turn can create a prenatal stimulation that will help you to bond with your unborn baby. A stronger connection with your unborn child can enrich you and your baby's lives.

Improves your baby's movement

Believe it or not, the baby in your womb can also hear the music you're listening to. When the unborn baby hears the vibration, he/she may also try to move in sync with the beats. This may improve the baby's reflexes and reactions, as well as overall movement.

Increases your baby's auditory senses

When you listen to your favourite songs with headphones on, your baby may try to concentrate on the sound waves. This will improve his/her mental stimulation and significantly enhance the baby's concentration, auditory senses, and skills.

Can soothe your little one after birth

Some researchers say your unborn baby may be able to remember the music and the sounds that you listened to while you were pregnant even after birth. If this is true, you can use the same music to soothe your little one after he/she is born.

Music can shape your baby's personality

It is also believed that the type of music you listen to during your pregnancy can have an effect on the baby's overall personality. For example, a pregnant woman who listens to soothing sounds and soft music may have a baby with a calm personality. If you listen to music that is loud and jarring, your baby could develop an aggressive and anxious personality. However, there is no enough research yet to back this theory.

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