3 real Indian mums tell us how they lost their pregnancy weight

These mums are the perfect personification of the saying 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'

The weight gain saga during pregnancy and postpartum is not new for mothers. Every woman who had been pregnant in her life knows that the struggle to shed those kilos after the baby is real. While most become complacent in their lives and settle with a little fat and love handles and accepts their new bodies others refuse to do so. They take that extra mile to get rid of all the fat accumulated during those nine months of pregnancy after the baby arrives. Some of them even transform themselves into a different personality altogether. Most people think that for a mother to shed the weight she might have to spend hours in the gym or lock herself in a room to workout at home. Ironically it is just the opposite; most mothers whom I know have lost weight did nothing more than walking for one hour a day. It is those small changes in their lifestyle that did all the difference. Their mantra: be disciplined, be fit. Here a doctor explains why it is difficult for women to lose weight post-pregnancy.

I spoke to many mothers who lost their post-pregnancy weight and have gone through pains of modifying their lifestyle. The small changes make the difference and believe me that is the difficult part. It is easier to spend two hours at the gym than to start having tea without sugar one fine morning, says Gargi Joshi, 29-year-old, mother of an eighteen-year-old girl who lost six kilos in four months. It might not seem like a huge number right now and I have reached a plateau but I am doing everything to ensure that I don t gain even 500 gm back. I have given up the white poison completely white sugar, rice, Maida, full-fat milk to keep the weight at bay, says Joshi. Here are few exercises that you can do with your baby postpartum.

Being a housewife it was easy for her to go for walks with her child in the evening which complemented her efforts. Working mothers always whine about not having time to work out, but Shalini Shikdar, 32 years old, mother to a two-year-old boy made that her strength, When I joined office after my maternity leave, I decide to chuck the lift and take the stairs. My office was on the ninth floor and every single day for eight months I took the stairs. I did huff and puff in the beginning but later I got used to it. My doctor told me to take care of my knees which I can hurt in the process so I did some regular leg raises sitting at my desk. I lost 7 kilos in a span of four months. I also started to eat home-cooked foods and stopped having desserts after meals. Here are few ways in which pregnant women are body-shamed in India.

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Another stay-at-home-mum Juhi Sisodia says her workout is more about spending time with her kiddo who is now two-years-old. I started doing lunges, Pilates, ab crunches while my child watched TV. As screen time for him was limited to 30 minutes and I wanted to keep an eye on him I started doing these freehand exercises alongside. In nine months I lost 11 kilos more than what I gained during pregnancy. Now I try to finish my free hand exercises while my son is at his play school, says Juhi.

These mums are the perfect personification of the saying Where there is a will, there is a way.

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