Here is why you should opt for physiotherapy post pregnancy

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Did you know physiotherapy can help you lose weight and gain muscle strength postpartum?

Not many of us know that opting physiotherapy post pregnancy has a lot of benefits. Most people would not consider going for this therapy post childbirth as they consider physiotherapy to be a rehabilitation program a therapy that is most preferred post-accident or a major surgery to help the joints become mobile and flexible. But post pregnancy too physiotherapy can promise a lot of benefits. Here are a few myths and facts about physiotherapy that you should know.

As a woman s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy, labour and childbirth it leads to post pregnancy fatigue and lethargy that one has to deal with. Also, since during pregnancy the joints become loose to help the body prepare for labour and delivery, post-childbirth the ligaments remain wobbly and needs attention. The weight gain during pregnancy also takes some time to shed post-pregnancy and till then a new mother has to put up with the excess weight she gained during pregnancy. This is where physiotherapy helps in addressing the postpartum health issues of a new mother. Here are some yoga asanas that help in weight loss post-pregnancy.

Here Dr Vijayabaskar, Physiotherapist and Head of Rehabilitation, Nightingales- Home Healthcare Services, lists down reasons how physiotherapy can help a new mother postpartum:

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  • Physiotherapy exercise designed for the new mother is helpful to get back in shape and manage an active lifestyle post-delivery.
  • Postnatal physiotherapy helps to regain muscle strength in the back, pelvic area and abdominal muscles to help the new mother strengthen the core and impart energy.
  • The exercises designed for postnatal program focus more on tightening the muscles in the pelvic area that faces maximum strain during pregnancy and labour. The exercises advised during postnatal physiotherapy are pelvic floor exercises, pelvic rolling, abdominal exercises that help to gain core strength and tighten the muscles of the area.
  • Postnatal physiotherapy helps in weight loss post pregnancy.
  • Exercises designed for the new mother also helps to counter the post-pregnancy aches and pains back pain, hip pain and general fatigue.

Because of these benefits, many antenatal coaches and even hospitals offer physiotherapy classes to new mothers. If you know a new mother who is trying to resurrect her health and stamina, probably advising her a session or two of physiotherapy would be a good idea. However, keep in mind to talk to your gynaecologist before opting for physiotherapy.

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