Planning for a second child? 7 things you should know

Expecting a second child is a different feeling altogether. But did you know it can be extremely different from your first pregnancy? Read on to know more.

A few months ago, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan announced that they are expecting a second child together. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and welcomed a baby boy in 2016. Recently, the Bollywood actress was spotted shooting with her sister. It seems that there is no slowing down for this mommy-to-be.

However, should you be doing the same if you are pregnant for the second time? In fact, it is great for expecting mothers to work until the doctor advises otherwise. While working and living life to the fullest is alright, it is important that you know what to expect. If you thought the second time would be the same as your first, think again! You might feel differently when pregnant with a second child.

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Your baby bump will appear sooner

Your uterus expands after pregnancy, and it doesn't shrink back to its original size. Since your rectus abdominal muscles are already stretched out, you will show earlier than your first pregnancy. So, don't feel bad if you have to take out your maternity clothes sooner than expected.

Early baby kicks

One of the most beautiful moments is when you feel the flutters as your baby moves inside you. A first-time mom may not be able to notice the baby kicks and think of it as intestinal gas. That's because she has already experienced it and knows how it feels.

You feel more exhausted

In additional to the normal fatigue of pregnancy, you might feel more tired because of the other child running around. In order to cope with it all, make sure you are eating all your supplements on time. Eating a healthy diet, light exercise, and enough sleep will also help regain energy.

You might carry lower

The foetus drops lower due to weakened abdominal muscles. It might cause you to urinate frequently and lead to pelvic discomfort. However, it will help you breathe more easily and more comfortably.

Intense pains

Back pain may occur earlier than the first time. Your abdominal muscles are weaker already, so you might experience back pain earlier. The baby may also lie lower in the abdomen, which can cause backache and muscle pain.

You feel more Braxton Hicks contractions

Second-time mothers know the difference between a real contraction and Braxton Hicks. You may have to deal with more intense "false labour" contractions this time during the pregnancy.

Your labour might be shorter

There is some good news for expecting mothers. For most second-time moms, it may take a shorter time to push the baby out. The reason is that your cervix is less rigid, which makes it easier for dilation and effacement to occur.

While most second-moms experience these, it can be different in some cases. So, don't be worried if you do not experience all the above-mentioned things. Keep getting regular check-ups to avoid any confusion.

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