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Planning a pregnancy after an abortion? 5 things you should know

Here's what you need to keep in mind if you are planning a pregnancy after a medical abortion.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : October 9, 2014 5:13 PM IST

Planning a pregnancy after an abortion There is a stigma attached to the word abortion even in today's modern society. Opting to abort doesn't always mean that a woman doesn't desire to become a mother in the future. In fact it is a conscious decision that she makes to wait till she is mentally and physically ready to embrace motherhood.

'Abortion is a medical process, at times a woman might take a deliberate decision to terminate the pregnancy which is termed as a medical termination of pregnancy. In such case proper planning and consultation with the doctor would be necessary to plan a pregnancy in the future,' says Dr Ganpat Sawant, consultant gynecologist, Kohinoor hospital, Mumbai.

In case you have opted for a medical abortion through a surgical or medical process and wish to get pregnant again, here's what you should keep in mind. Read to know more about medical termination of pregnancy.

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Avoid getting pregnant soon after an abortion. It is possible that you might feel emotional, guilty or just want to become pregnant soon after aborting your baby. 'If you had an abortion done recently, wait till you are mentally prepared to take on the stress and strains of pregnancy to enter motherhood. Do not take a hasty decision and opt to undergo an abortion soon after that. For a healthy woman who is able to conceive naturally, repeated abortion, whether surgical or medical can have adverse consequences on her fertility and can also be life threatening at times. It is wise to wait or get counseled and be sure before taking the big decision,' says Dr Sawant.

Learn about contraceptives. 'This is very important - to avoid getting pregnant soon after an abortion - as repeated abortions can also come in the way of a healthy pregnancy or reduce your chances of getting pregnant naturally later. So use contraceptives the right way to avoid getting pregnant after an abortion,' advises Dr Sawant.

Start your planning after a few months of your abortion.'It's best to start pregnancy planning at least three or four months after the abortion for good reasons,' says Dr Sawant. Whether it's a medical or a surgical abortion it takes time for the uterus to heal. In case of a medical abortion the uterus softens due to the effects of medication, induces contraction to expel the fetus out. This is also followed with excessive bleeding at times. On the other hand a surgical abortion is done through suction evacuation followed by curettage i.e., sealing of the cut blood vessels inside the uterus to reduce heavy bleeding. It takes a toll on the uterus and also the health of the patient. 'Enough time should be given to the uterus to heal and become normal before a fertilized egg implants itself on its wall, so one can proceed towards a healthy and normal pregnancy,' says Dr Sawant.

Load up on folic acid.'It is wise to start on folic acid pills while planning your pregnancy after an abortion. Especially if you had multiple abortions and are having a late pregnancy. Having folic acid pills will help you to prevent birth defects in the fetus and proceed with a healthy pregnancy,' informs Dr Sawant.

Get a proper health check-up done. Speak to your gynecologist and check on your health before you plan your pregnancy after an abortion. Do you have diabetes? High blood pressure? Or any other immunological or physiological condition that can make pregnancy challenging? Evaluating your health status right before planning the pregnancy can help you deal with its ups and downs better and take on the challenges of pregnancy head on.

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