Planning a baby after an abortion? This is all you need to know

Consult a gynaecologist before planning pregnancy after an abortion. ©Shutterstock

Pregnancy after an abortion may get complicated if you do not follow certain rules. Here is your post-abortion pregnancy guide.

Abortion, for some is a choice, while for others it's a compulsion. Some opt for it as they are not yet ready for the responsibilities that parenthood comes with and other are driven towards it owing to medical conditions. If you want to prep yourself up for a baby after an abortion, you need to take a few precautions and quite a bit of planning. We help you make an informed decision with facts and information.

Plan your pregnancy six months after an abortion

According to experts in the field of gynaecology, getting pregnant within three months of a medical abortion isn't ideal. It can be harmful. Abortion softens the uterus softens because of the medications. Moreover, in some cases, an abortion is followed by excessive bleeding. On the other hand, if an abortion is carried out surgically, it also takes a toll on the woman's uterus and the whole body. So, doctors advise couples to wait for six months after abortion before opting for pregnancy again.

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Contraception after abortion is a must

You continue ovulating after abortion, even if you miss your periods. This is to say that you can get pregnant immediately after abortion. So, it is advised to use contraception during this time too!

Abortion doesn t affect your fertility

It is always advised to get an abortion done by a trained expert. When a trained expert carries out the procedure, your reproductive organs like ovaries and fallopian tubes do not get injured ensuring a safe pregnancy next time. So, choose an abortion clinic with skilled practitioners to make sure that your reproductive organs are not affected.

Multiple abortions should be avoided

If you go for abortion for more than once, then there are high chances of your cervix being scarred at the top. You could also end up with scars inside your uterus. Moreover, your cervix is dilated during the process of abortion. If done repeatedly, it might weaken your cervix. This organ may just start dilating prematurely resulting in am unwanted termination of pregnancy.

Consult a gynaecologist before planning pregnancy after an abortion

You have waited for quite a long period for your uterus to heal after an abortion. But you still need to speak to an expert before planning your pregnancy. She may suggest diagnostic tests that are required to figure out if you are fit to have a baby yet.

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