Maternity belts -- do they reduce the tummy after a C-section delivery?

There are a lot of quick fixes to reduce tummy post a C-section but aren't the most viable option. Read to know why.

I had a C-section recently and my belly hasn't reduced a bit. I have heard that tying up tummy tightly post delivery can help one get back to shape. Will using a maternity belt reduce my belly post a C-section?

Consult your doctor before you want to use any such postpartum items to reduce belly. Remember a C-section is a major surgery which affects the deeper layers of the abdomen. It's healing takes time and one is advised not to try any strenuous activity that can put a pressure on the abdomen. Any abdominal pressure can in turn interfere with the healing process.

Ideally it is advised to take a rest period of six to eight weeks before starting on an exercise regimen. Also post C-section it is necessary to first talk to the doctor before selecting an exercise type or module. Here is what you should expect right after a C-section.

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Never look for a quick fix when it comes to reducing weight or the belly post a C-section. Using a maternity belt can have adverse effects on your scar especially if you are overweight or have gained excessive weight during pregnancy. Pressure on the abdomen due to a tight belt can increase your chances of having hernia post a C-section. Here are seven ways in which you can plan a mother-friendly C-section.

There are other ways in which you can reduce belly fat and weight post pregnancy.

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