Can an orgasm lead to onset of early labour?

It was the most intimate experience: We didn’t have sex for the first three months of pregnancy on doctor’s advice. But after that lack of sex was killing me, so I asked her if we can resume our actions back, when she agreed we had sex quite frequently till labour. I preferred spooning as it was benefitting to both of us and we enjoyed it. Vikas Kumar, 29 years, Bengaluru.

Read this before you have sex during the last weeks of your pregnancy.

Just because you have a bun in the oven does not mean that you cannot have fun between the sheets. While the idea of penetrative sex with your growing belly may seem downright scary, you have no reason to derail your sex life. And while you may not ask your gynaecologist about your pregnancy action, it is absolutely normal to have tons of questions about pregnancy sex. One of the questions that might bother you is, will an orgasm bring on pre-term labour? Here s what well-known gynaecologist Dr Arundhati Dhar has to say.

Typically, an orgasm cannot lead to labour when you haven't carried to term. The chances of an orgasm causing pre-term labour are extremely rare Your body releases the hormone oxytocin when you orgasm which makes your uterus contract. This is why you experience cramps after you peak or climax. However, if the contractions last for more than two hours you need to alert your gynaecologist. Avoid these 5 mistakes of pregnancy sex.

Be careful when you are 38 weeks pregnant

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That being said, an orgasm can only make you go into labour when you are 38 weeks pregnant or more. If you are at the end of your term and the post-orgasm contractions last for a long duration you might already be in labour. Sex can also dilate the cervix and open it up due to the presence of prostaglandins in sperms, a hormone that cansoften and ripen the cervix and trigger labour. Here's what happens to your vagina when you orgasm.

In fact, an orgasm can be a natural way to induce labour. This is why pregnant women are sometimes advised to stay off sex for the fear of premature labour. You should refrain from having sex if you suffer from the low lying placenta or vaginal bleeding close to your due date. Also, avoid having sex once your water breaks as it could increase chances of infections. Here are things during pregnancy which can trigger early labour.

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