Male Fertility: Men Who Regularly Lift Heavy Objects Have Higher Sperm Counts!

Male Fertility: Men Who Regularly Lift Heavy Objects Have Higher Sperm Counts!

The link between physical activity and male fertility. Men in physically demanding work found to have higher sperm count compared to those with less physical jobs.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori |Updated : February 24, 2023 3:49 PM IST

We already know that exercise offers multiple benefits, including improved reproductive health and better fertility potential. Even physical activity during work is good for your health. For example, a new study has found physically demanding work associated with significant improvement in men's reproductive potential. It suggested that men who regularly lift heavy objects at work have higher sperm counts, which means higher fertility potential. The study by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital was published in Human Reproduction.

Factors that can affect male fertility

Infertility rates are growing worldwide, and about 40 per cent of the cases are attributed to male factors. Male infertility is generally linked to sperm count, semen quality and sexual function. Particularly, sperm count and semen quality are considered the major drivers of growing infertility rates among men.

Additionally, male infertility have been linked to common chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disease, highlighted first author Lidia M nguez-Alarc n, a reproductive epidemiologist in Brigham's Channing Division of Network Medicine.

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Physically activity may help improve male fertility

In the new study, it was found that men often lift or move heavy objects at work had more than 40 per cent higher sperm concentration and total sperm count compared to those with less physical jobs. Further, men who do more physical activity at work also had higher levels of the male sex hormone testosterone and less the female hormone estrogen. However, the underlying biological mechanism at play is not understood yet, and the researchers hope that future studies will reveal it.

For the current study, the researchers collected samples and survey data of men seeking fertility treatment at fertility center.

Things that can affect sperm count

Dear men, several factors, including your lifestyle choices, can bring down your sperm count and affect your fertility potential. Here are some lifestyle Factors associated with reduced sperm count and quality in men.

  • Use of drugs like cocaine or marijuana.
  • Taking anabolic steroids to stimulate muscle strength and growth.
  • Drinking alcohol, even in moderate amounts, can decrease your sperm production.
  • Too much stress can also affect your sperm count as well as its motility.
  • Excess weight is also known to directly impact sperm and reduce male fertility.
  • Smoking also affects reproductive health, reduces semen quality.

Depending on the underlying cause, male infertility may be treated with medication or surgery. Assisted reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization (IVF) is recommended in many cases.