Pregnancy is a time that heralds many changes in a woman’s body. This is the time when a woman carries one or more offspring in her womb for nine months. A woman can get pregnant through sexual intercourse or through assisted reproductive technology procedures. There are many symptoms that can indicate pregnancy. Some of these symptoms include missed periods, morning sickness, tender breasts, excessive hunger, food cravings and also frequent urination. A simple pregnancy test can confirm a pregnancy.

The nine months of pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters of 3 months each. The first trimester starts from the beginning of week 1to week 12. The second trimester starts at the beginning of week 13 to week 15 and ends at week 27 and the third trimester starts at week 28 and ends at childbirth.

This section includes all the health problems that a pregnant woman may go through and solutions to it as well as foetus health.


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