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Infertility: 5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor On Your First IVF Consultation

5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor On Your First IVF Consultation

When you go to a fertility clinic for IVF, make sure you ask your fertility specialist about the clinic and its success rates for IVF.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : February 11, 2022 12:11 PM IST

Coping with the thoughts of not getting pregnant can seem hard at first. In addition to this, going to a fertility clinic for IVF for the first time can be frightening and overwhelming too. While dealing with the fear and anxiety, you might not think of what you should know about the clinic and IVF. However, instead of feeling scared, you should be ready to pose questions to your fertility specialist and prepare yourself well to hear some answers that might or might not be in your favour.

Here are five things that you should ask your doctor on your first IVF consultation:

1. Ask about the clinic and its success rates for IVF

Before going for the treatment, know about the fertility clinic and its success rates for IVF. The information can help you make an informed decision. Many clinics might show clinical pregnancies as their success rates, ignoring that many of these pregnancies might have resulted in miscarriages. Therefore, stress on more detailed questions to get clarity about the clinic and the fertility specialist.

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2. Ask your doctor how should you prepare yourself for IVF

IVF can be emotionally and physically draining for a couple. It is better to prepare yourself for the mental and physical changes beforehand to deal with them better in future. Talk to your doctor about the success rates, your chances of conceiving, costs of the treatment and possible complications. If any lifestyle or age-related factors are affecting your fertility, ask your doctor about the ways you can improve your fertility. Making dietary changes, doing physical exercise and reducing stress are some of the lifestyle changes that your doctor might suggest.

3. Talk to your doctor about IVF failure and other treatment options

Couples should also consider the possibility of failed IVF cycles, which is a reality for many patients. Talk to your doctor about how likely you are to get pregnant with IVF, keeping in mind several factors like age, medical complications etc. If there is a possibility of failure, you should be aware of your other options. Know what other treatments the clinic offers and your options in case of failure. Unrealistic expectations about the success of IVF can be psychologically detrimental for couples which is why it is important to clear out all your doubts.

4. Know about the costs of treatment and insurance options

IVF is an expensive treatment, although the costs can vary. During the counselling process, the clinic should talk to you about all the costs involved including blood tests, ultrasounds, IVF procedure including retrieval of egg and preparing embryo in the lab and embryo transfer. Apart from the procedure, a few more costs related to pregnancy can be involved. The costs can vary for individuals, depending on several factors.

Also, see if their insurance options work for you. You should know whether the insurance covers the diagnostic tests or not or if there are any payment plans for the treatment.

5. See what you can do with the remaining embryos

During IVF procedure, many eggs are retrieved from a woman's ovaries, resulting in several viable embryos. Not all good-quality embryos are implanted in a single cycle. Therefore, you can ask your doctor about what you can do with the remaining ones if you get pregnant with IVF. The doctor might suggest embryo freezing or donating them to other couples. Discarding embryos is also an option, but not all couples feel comfortable doing that.

Apart from these, you should also know well about the diagnostic tests that will be carried out to see the underlying cause of infertility. Do not hesitate about asking questions to your doctor during the counselling process. IVF is a big financial investment. Therefore, making a conscious choice is necessary and it can only happen if you have the required knowledge about the next steps.

The article is authored by Dr. Neha, Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility East, Patna.

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