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How can I calculate my fertile days? (Query)

Planning to get pregnant? Calculate your fertile period to boost your chances.

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Updated : September 8, 2015 6:50 AM IST

I am 30 years old and planning to get pregnant. Recently, when I was sharing my thoughts with a friend, she said that the chances of getting pregnant are high if you have sex during the fertile days. I don t know what fertile days are and how to calculate them (she said it is fairly easy). Can you please help me?

Yes, it is true that the chances of conception and thus getting pregnant are high if you copulate during your fertile days. Here is how you can calculate your fertile days

Step 1: Keep a track of your menstrual cycle for 2 3 cycles. This will help you rule out irregular cycles and tell you the whether your menstruation cycle follows short cycle or long cycle. In most cases, the normal menstrual cycle ranges from 28 32 days and thus, to calculate your fertile period you need to have an account of the number of days in your shortest and longest menstrual cycles.

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Step 2: Once you are aware of the number of days in your menstrual cycle, here s what you need to do next.

Subtract 18 from the total number of days of your shortest menstrual cycle. For example, if your shortest menstrual cycle had 27 days, then subtract 18 from it, which accounts to 11.

Subtract 11 from the total number of days of your longest menstrual cycle. For example, if your longest menstrual cycle is 34, then subtract 11, it would be 23.

Now, mark all the days that fall between these days on your calendar. In this case circle the days from 10th 24th of your period i.e. the 10th day after your periods start to the 24th day are your fertile days. Hence, you should plan to have sex during these days to get pregnant faster.

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