For how long can you breastfeed your baby?

If you are wondering how long can you breastfeed, here's the answer to your query.

Breastfeeding comes naturally to mothers, as well as babies. Experts say that you need to feed only breast milk to your baby until she is six months old. But some newborns tend to nurse for longer. If you are wondering for how long can you lactate and breastfeed your child, Sonali Shivlani Internationally Certified Pregnancy, Lactation and Child Nutrition Counselor, answers your question.

You can breastfeed for as long as the baby wants. Breast milk will be available as long as the nipples are stimulated. This could be by the baby or even with a breast pump. Many mothers are able to feed their babies even up till five years of age. Here's a step-by-step breastfeeding guide for new moms.

The number of months you can breastfeed your child is the decision you make. Breast milk can continue for as long as it is mutually desired by the mother and the baby. You can continue to lactate until you stop expressing the milk from your breasts. Expressing milk from the breasts happens as long as the baby wants to feed. You will stop lactating once the milk is no longer being expressed from the breasts. If your baby is not nursing as frequently or once you stop breastfeeding, the milk will dry up within a couple of weeks. Here s how you can prevent saggy breasts after breastfeeding.

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Reduced milk supply is also a matter of concern as it would mean less nutrition for your child. To ensure that the amount of milk is optimum, here are things you should not do while breastfeeding.

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