Female infertility: Reasons why you are not getting pregnant

Trying to get pregnant? know the reasons why you are unable to conceive.

So, you didn't get pregnant even though you had sex while you were ovulating? Here are the reasons why you didn't conceive even after trying things 'right'.

Trying to get pregnant, but nothing is happening? Do not blame your strength!! There are many possible reasons such as irregular ovulation, structural problems in the reproductive system, or an underlying medical problem. But, these are not the core reason why you aren't conceiving yet. There are many more reasons which trigger your reproductive capacity and hinder your way of getting pregnant. Here are some of those unspoken factors that can also have a huge impact on your overall health which is important for conceiving.


Although, there are many possible reasons why you are not getting pregnant, one of the most unnoticed among them is stress. Women taking stress can experience irregular periods - which is a phenomenon of not ovulating properly. Human conception requires both a sperm and an egg. If you are not ovulating, you will never get pregnant. Anovulation is one of the most common causes of infertility among women. Timely ovulation gets affected due to the hormones that your body releases when you are under stress. Try to indulge in things that can keep you engaged and make you feel good. Keep your stress level under control with meditation and yoga.

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Irregular sleep cycle

Irregular sleep cycle or sleep deprivation can have several negative impacts on your body and mind. Apart from tiredness, the hormones that your body releases when you don't sleep, they can affect your mental peace and this leads to stress. As discussed, stress can affect your ovulation and thus create issues with getting pregnant. Other than stress, sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system, which in turn can affect the reproductive cycle.

Weight issues

A woman who is underweight or one who is overweight can face difficulties in conceiving a baby. Following a healthy diet and maintaining body weight is extremely important in dealing with weight issues that can have a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant. Follow a good and healthy diet and include some reasonable exercise routine which can do wonders for your mind and body.

Being nervous during intercourse

While stress is a very important reason why you are not conceiving yet. There are other factors too that can trigger your stress hormones. One of these is not enjoyable while having sex. Yes, it is true! If you are not enjoying the act, then your body is stressed and will not go through the natural processes. Somewhere, there may be a glitch, and your body will end up not desiring the act and negating it. It is important that you enjoy and let your instincts take over.

Cycle confusion

A lot of women are confused about their own cycle. Not knowing your own cycle can lead to not understanding your ovulation period. To get pregnant, you need to know when you are ovulating. You'll have better luck conceiving if you monitor ovulation and start having sex at the right time.

Prolonged use of birth control pills

The birth control pill which is also prescribed for fertility issues such as PCOS or endometriosis has been linked to fertility issues in some women. These pills affect the normal actions of your body and thus disturbs the normal ovulation cycle, which is important for conceiving.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are several other reasons that can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Your daily habits such as smoking, drinking, or not following a good diet can also make you infertile or can affect the hormones that help you in conceiving. If you are not having any of the above-mentioned issues but is still unable to get pregnant, then consult a doctor immediately. There can be other health issues as well such as PCOS, Cervical infections, or even genetic factors.

Advancements in science and applied medicine have resulted in synthesizing techniques of treatments to solve the above issues. If you are facing problems in conceiving, consult your doctor to get help through these rough patches.

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