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Celebrate your quarantine tot with these beautiful, meaningful baby names

Looking for names for your quarantine baby? These beautiful and meaningful names are some of the best ones you can go for.

Looking for names for your quarantine baby? These beautiful and meaningful names are some of the best ones you can go for.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Published : January 8, 2021 4:45 PM IST

There's no doubt that giving birth to a child is one of the most precious moments in a couple's life. Holding the little sunshine in the palm of your hands is a feeling you cannot compare to any other feeling in the world. A child brings loads of happiness and excitement in your life, but the coronavirus made childbirth scary. Parents-to-be were scared that their child might get infected with the virus, which might lead to complications. Giving birth to a baby in the quarantine wasn't easy, but you have to let go of the fear and move on. In the spirit of the new year and the happiness of a newborn entering your life, we have put together a list of baby name ideas to celebrate your child.

If you have given birth during the quarantine, or still expecting, here's a range of baby names that are inspiring and are all about bringing positive vibes to your life.

Baby Names For Your Little Girl

These baby girl names are pretty and meaningful that are all about new life and those qualities.

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#Aurora: A Latin name that means "dawn." It is also Roman for the goddess of sunrise. A great name in the hope of new beginnings.

#Aadima: A name of Indian origin that means "roots" or "beginning."

#Ashia: An Arabic name, meaning "hope" as we are all hoping the world to get back to the way it was.

#Brithhi: It is an Indian name meaning "ray of light." One who is full of strength.

#Nova: A Latin name that means "new." It is an astrological term for a star that has a sudden burst of energy.

#Ojasvi: Indian name that means a person who shows great strength and vigour.

#Renee: A French name that means "to be reborn."

#Seher: A beautiful Persian name widely used in countries like India, the Middle East, Pakistan and the US. It means "early morning."

#Kiara: A popular name of Korean origin, which means "the first ray of the sun."

#Nadya/Nadia: A Russian name that means "filled with hope."

#Zera: A beautiful name that means "beginnings."

For Your Baby Boy

Check out these beautiful names for your baby boy that are all about hope, new beginnings and strength.

#Ahaan: Drawn from Sanskrit that means "dawn."

#Amil: Meaning "hope" and "new beginnings," this is an Arabic name.

#Shahar: A Hebrew name, which means "dawn," which means the god of dawn making this name suitable for a baby boy.

#Vihaan: A name of Sanskrit origin for "dawn" or "beginning of an era."

#Dhridh: Meaning a person who perseveres through all odds the world throws at him.

#Irya: The name of Sanskrit origin that means "powerful, active, energetic."

#Jyayas: A Hindu name with meaning "strongest of them all."

#Elio: A Spanish name meaning "the sun" or "the light from the sun."

#Vihaan: Another Sanskrit name, which means "beginning of a new era or dawn."

#Wahuj: A Muslim name that again means "new beginnings."

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