Can you sleep on your back after a c-section?

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During the nine months of your pregnancy, your sleep position has changed a lot. Of course, you have not experienced the comforts of sleeping on your back for months and sleeping on your stomach was out of the question. If you were thinking that post delivery you would be able to sleep at peace, now we are here to disappoint you, especially if you had undergone a c-section. Just like your pregnancy, to find a comfortable sleep position after a c-section is difficult. Add to it the demands of the newborn which will make you get up from the bed a number of times, sleep it itself becomes a challenge. Here is why you should not sleep on your back during pregnancy.

But if you had a c-section, understand with the scar still raw making yourself comfortable could be quite a task. After both my c-sections I faced this problem and discovered that the best sleeping position is the sideways position that alleviates pain. Here are 10 ways to deal with postpartum sleeplessness.

Sleeping sideways

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If you are sleeping on your sides, ensure that you tuck a pillow under your stomach so that there is less pressure on the scar and your stomach rests on the pillow to give your back enough support. Even after the surgery, your belly doesn t come back to your pre-pregnancy position right after the surgery. It takes at least six weeks for the uterus to shrink and come back to your pre-pregnancy shape. Till then your belly needs support when you lie sideways. Since the baby is out now, the muscles of the abdomen become week and the pillow gives the belly proper support. Keeping the pillow under the belly also ensures that you don t put too much stress on the scar. Another advantage of sleeping on your side is that you can get up and sit upright without putting a pressure on your scar when your baby cries in the middle of the night. Here are 15 things that happen after your pregnancy that no one tells you.

Sleeping on your back

Many mothers prefer to sleep on their back after a c-section, but I would personally suggest you avoid this, especially if you have gained too much weight during pregnancy and your belly is still big. Sleeping on your back puts unnecessary pressure on the scar and leads to pain running across the entire abdomen horizontally over the post-op scar. So it is better that you wait for a month or two before trying to sleep on your back.

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