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Can Sound Therapy Cure Postpartum Depression? Here Is What Dr Anju Sharma Says About It

Can Sound Therapy Cure Postpartum Depression? Here Is What Dr Anju Sharma Says About It
Can Sound Therapy Cure Postpartum Depression? Here Is What Dr Anju Sharma Says About It

Sound healing therapy is said to cure depression and enhance positive mood among women who just had a baby, says Dr Anju Sharma.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Published : March 29, 2023 8:51 PM IST

Pregnancy is a very challenging phase for every woman. They go through a lot physically, mentally and emotionally which can get overwhelming. A lot of women go through postpartum depression owing to the increased stress, sudden load of responsibilities and sometimes guilt for not being able to take good care of their babies. Postpartum depression is a silent epidemic that is affecting millions of women around the globe. Sadly, most women don't get diagnosed which puts them at risk of developing serious complications. Here, the role of a supportive and caring family comes into play.

Family has a huge role in this aspect. They should make sure that the mother's mental health is not getting impacted after childbirth. Postpartum depression is not an unknown illness. Thus, if enough care is taken to make sure a woman does not slip into that dark place, it can easily be avoided. Dr Anju Sharma, Sound healing Master, Tedx Speaker and Founder of Asia's first Healing band , Sound of Infinity Band, explains the various reasons why sound therapy can be a boon for women at risk or dealing with postpartum depression.

What Does Dr Anju Sharma Say On This Subject?

If a woman happens to show signs and symptoms of PPD, she must be taken to a specialist who can guide her. Some alternative therapies like Sound healing therapy can also help mothers live a healthy life with their newborns.

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How Sound Therapy Can Help In Tackling PPD

Sound therapy is an alternative therapy that uses different sounds to provide therapeutic effects on the mind and body to bring balance. The vibrations released from the sound helps in opening and balancing chakras that allow deep healing. Here are some ways in which sound therapy can benefit postpartum depression patients.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety Levels

Women with postpartum depression tend to have higher stress levels. They are vulnerable and get anxious very quickly. Sound healing therapy can lower their stress and help them calm down. They will feel less stressed and recuperate from the depressive phase.

Brings Positive Changes In Mood

It is very important to have a positive mindset for a mother. Sound therapy can help mothers regain confidence and boost their self-esteem. It improves their mood and increases awareness.

Helps Develop Relaxation And Coping Skills

This therapy uses soothing sounds that promote relaxation. This helps women cope with postpartum depression and improve their mental health.

Reduced Muscle Tension

PPD can also affect the physical health of women. Sound healing therapy is effective in reducing muscle tension that releases potential physical pains and accelerates recovery process.

In a nutshell, sound therapy can help women deal with postpartum depression with ease.

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