Can pregnant women use Multani mitti or fuller’s earth face packs?

How this simple beauty ingredient can help during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time when a host of skin problems hound you acne, stretch marks, pigmentation etc., what-have-you. But you have to be cautious as you can t treat your acne and pigmentation with the over-the-counter creams and ointments anymore. As irritating as it might be you have to put up with those outbreaks during pregnancy. Well, we are not saying that you cannot treat your acne, but there is only so much that you can do. Rest assured these little bumps on your face will disappear once you deliver. Here is a pregnant woman s guide to tackling acne.

Acne treatments during pregnancy

If you had been using acne creams with retinoid or oral medications containing isotretinoin to treat acne pre-pregnancy, stop using it now. Retinoid and isotretinoin commonly used to treat acne are contra-indicative during pregnancy and can do so irreparable damage to the fetus, say experts. So if your acne is bothering you and you have developed an oily skin during pregnancy due to all the hormonal upheavals, try the simpler and safer home remedies to treat the problem. Use natural products to make ubtan or face packs to treat your skin problems during pregnancy. Here is a guide to all kinds of skin care during pregnancy.

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One kind of face pack that you can use during pregnancy to reduce the oiliness and lower the chances of getting acne is Multani mitti face pack. It is one of the safest natural products that you can use during pregnancy.

A homemade face pack

To make a natural face pack, mix papaya leaf powder, aloe vera pulp, turmeric powder, dried rose powder and Multani mitti in water and milk and mix well. Apply it all over your face and neck. Allow it to dry and then scrub it off gently. This pack serves many purposes. It acts as mild bleach and is natural unlike the chemical ones that are too harsh, removes oil and dirt from the face reducing chances of getting acne, removes dead skin and imparts glow, improves facial blood circulation. If applied regularly this can help to keep the skin healthy during pregnancy and remove the excess oil from the face which is a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Too much use of Multani mitti can dry off your skin excessively so be sure to use a good moisturiser to keep your skin supple and healthy.

(Inputs are taken from the book Garbhasanskar by Dr Vikram Shah and Dr Geetanjali Shah)

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