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Breastfeeding tip – Using disposable syringe mothers with inverted nipples can breastfeed

This is an easy and effective way for mothers to treat inverted nipples.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : March 6, 2018 7:58 PM IST

For some mothers breastfeeding happens naturally others face a host of problems that make this natural phenomenon a challenge. Some mothers face the issue of low milk supply, others engorgement, some struggle with getting the baby to latch-on perfectly and so on. However, most of these problems can be solved with the help of a lactation expert or the hospital staff. But one problem that can make it difficult for the mother to breastfeed is the way her nipples are placed, like if she has inverted nipples. Mothers who have inverted nipples, their nipples instead of protruding outward remains tucked inward. This makes it difficult for the baby to latch-on and have a feed. Read to know if you should breastfeed in a lying down position.

In fact, mothers who have flat breasts are advised to do nipple massage during the second trimester of pregnancy to help them protrude outward and help the child latch-on post birth. For some this method is of help, however, all mother or majority of them who have inverted nipples don t benefit from massage. Also, nipple massage at times can lead to the onset of early labour and so many fear to try it.

Another way of dealing with inverted nipples is to use a plastic syringe and apply suction theory to pull the nipples outward. Here is how the method works:

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  • Get a 10 ml disposable plastic syringe. In case you have bigger areola, get the 20 ml one.
  • Remove the plunger and cut through the barrel of the syringe 1 mm from the nozzle.
  • Insert the plunger through the cut end of the nozzle and place the smooth end of the inverted nipple, make sure you moisten the nipples before using it.
  • Next, gently pull the plunger out for 30 seconds to one minute to create a suction which will draw the nipple out.
  • If you experience pain then push the plunger inside to lessen the pressure.

Repeat this procedure several times a day to help the nipples protrude out before the birth of the child. After childbirth, if you still face the issue of inverted nipples it is safe to repeat this procedure again.

Image source: Shutterstock

Reference: Arsenault, G. (1997). Using a disposable syringe to treat inverted nipples. Canadian Family Physician, 43, 1517.

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