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8 reasons why talking to your baby bump is a good idea

Not just bonding, talking to your baby bump has a lot of other benefits too.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : July 27, 2017 5:36 PM IST

The best part about pregnancy is that it gives you ample time to prepare for post birth challenges and to connect with your baby beforehand. But in the daily rush of life you often tend to forget this fact. Your protruding belly then serves to be a reminder of sorts to get your acts in place. Experts believe that talking to the pregnant belly can do you and your unborn baby a whole lot of good.

Here we tell you how talking to the baby-bump can be beneficial to both the unborn child and expectant parents too.

How talking to the baby-bump helps the unborn child:

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It helps in auditory stimulation:The baby's auditory senses take shape from as early as 14 weeks, two weeks into your second trimester. That's when doctors and experts encourage mothers to talk to the unborn child to bond better. 'Talking to the baby bump helps in auditory stimulation and builds synapses or neuron connections in the brain that is responsible for hearing,' informs Dr Geetanjali Shah, pediatrician attached to Supraja Foundation and Ashvini IVF center, Mumbai. For same reasons Dr Shah advises not to restrict only to talking, 'sing songs or lullabies to the bump as well to meet the same purpose.'

It helps in speech development: 'Talking to the bump and also to the newborn helps your baby to pick up words and language faster and aids in social skills development. The bonus is that when you had been talking to your bump often and continue to do the same after the birth your baby's brain recalls, recollects and remembers the words and dialects and starts picking up speech swiftly,' says Dr Shah.

It establishes a sense of security:You sure are doing all the right things for your unborn baby's well-being - eating right, taking adequate rest and exercising. But remember though the is a safe haven for your baby, but it is also a lonely place too. Talk to your baby often to communicate and build a sense of security. 'There is nothing more reassuring for the baby like hearing the mother's voice to feel secure and safe within the womb,' says Dr Shah.

It helps in brain stimulation: Not just the mother, the father needs to give due attention to the unborn child as well. 'Talking to the bump from early days helps your baby to differentiate sounds and voices of the parents. Usually the father will have a high pitch and mothers a low one. If your baby is exposed to both of these intonations it helps in brain development and other five essential senses too,' says Dr Shah.

How talking to your baby-bump helps the expectant parents:

It helps to develop parental skills: Nobody can teach you how to be a parent. It's a skill you develop while on the job. But talking to the bump can help you get your parental instincts in place. 'We all have these instincts within us, but talking to the bump helps both the mother and the father to get things in perspective. While you talk to the bump you would even go in an introspection mode. If you have not been eating right or resting well, your bump time will help you ponder on your slip-ups and help you to get back on track again. So you are already treading the path of being a doting parent,' says Dr Shah.

It helps to know about baby's wellness in the womb: Talking to the baby can also help the mother gauge the fetal well-being. 'If your baby is stressed or just sleepy your time spent with the bump can help you gauge that. Gentle strokes on the belly while talking to it can help the fetus within relax if it's in distress,' says Dr Shah.

It helps to understand individual responsibilities:Pregnancy and labour was not just meant to be dealt by the mothers, fathers have their share of responsibility too. If your man is too scared of labour and childbirth, encourage him to talk to the baby-bump. In this way your partner can bond with the unborn child and shed many of his fears. 'This will help both of you to have defined roles during labour and childbirth. If you want your partner to be there during the labour to support you, help him connect to the baby-bump and take charge of his role as a labour-partner too,' says Dr Shah.

It helps solve unresolved marital issues: Marital issues or underlying problems can always bug couples, even during the blissful period of pregnancy. 'Many don't know that spending time together talking to the bump can help resolve marital issues too. Dedicate at least 25 minutes of your day's time to talk to your baby bump. While you do this you put the baby first even before your egos and this helps to talk, communicate, connect as couple and to-be parents. This helps to resolve much of your life's issues too,' says Dr Shah. Whether or not you plan a babymoon to steal couple time during your pregnancy, don't miss out on this simple routine to establish a long lasting bond as a couple and loving parents.

Quick tip: To connect better with your bump choose on a name to address your unborn child. 'Keep a unisex name for the bump and try talking to your unborn baby addressing by that name. This will help you give your bump a definitive identity and connect with it better,' says Dr Shah.

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