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6 gifts every new mother wishes for!

Here is what a new mother needs the most to make her life little better postpartum. Books, a spa treatment or an offer to babysit is something she'll love.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : February 17, 2016 9:33 AM IST

If you are visiting a new mother and wondering what to gift her, my suggestion is do not invest in any expensive gifts. She doesn t need them at all. All she needs is a gift to make her feel better and cared for. Attending to the baby 24/7 takes a toll on the new mother and makes her a zombie! So here is the list of things that you can give a new mother, which she is going to cherish.

1. A customised spa treatment

Yes, every new mum needs this. But remember postpartum not everyone is allowed to go to the parlour for a full body massage, especially if it was a C-section. So before you gift a spa treatment, make sure you know what are her requirements and what will make her feel good. Sometimes just booking an appointment for a foot spa or a head massage can do wonders to uplift her mood. While booking a treatment always remember to keep the dates flexible, because with a newborn in her lap you can never be sure when she will be able to avail the luxury. Here are 15 things that happens post pregnancy that no one tells you.

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2. Home cooked food

Bring in her favourite meal and allow her to eat at peace. Cooking a full course meal after the baby arrives is next to impossible. But if you can get her hot home cooked delicious delicacies there can t be a better gift than that.

3. Offer to babysit

Sometimes mothers too need a break; this is something people don t often understand. So if you want to gift her something, gift your time to her and become a babysitter for a few hours while the mother catches up on her nap or just goes to the salon. But do this only if you are sure you can handle a baby s tantrum too well. Else try the other options. Here are six rules to follow while going to meet a newborn.

4. Be a good listener

If you aren t very good at babysitting, just be a good listener to her. There is so much a new mother has to tell you about her labour ordeal, her baby s first smile, sleepless nights and more. Sure all this is not going to make sense to you (unless you are also a mother) but sit, listen, empathise. Let her vent it out, talk it out all she needs postpartum is some real good support and a patient ear to the woes.

5. Books

If you know her taste in literature buy her books she would love to read. She can definitely read a page or two while sitting through the long hours of breastfeeding or between the naps her baby takes. Mental rejuvenation through books postpartum is amazing.

6. Coupons for online shopping

Everyone loves to shop this is true for new mothers. Yes, she would like to buy all those cute looking tees, onesies, jumpsuits, booties and mittens for her baby. But it is better if you stop doing it for her. Her choice of pink and that of yours is going to be very different. So let her do it for herself. Instead of gifting gift vouchers, gift online vouchers so she can do the shopping for the little one sitting in the comfort of her own bedroom.

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