World Milk Day: Know The Multipurpose Benefits It Has On Your Overall Health

Raw milk contains nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, D, B12, protein, calcium, biotin and lactic acid all of which are good for our skin internally and externally.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : June 1, 2023 2:42 PM IST

World Milk Day: Know The Multipurpose Benefits It Has On Your Overall Health

It is not an unknown fact that milk is one of the most nutritious drinks that you can have. But did you know that applying milk on skin for skin care is as good as drinking it on a daily basis?

It Acts As A Natural Sunscreen

Raw milk works as a natural sunscreen and tan reversing agent. Applying raw milk regularly protects and cures damaged and sunburned skin.

It Can Prevent Acnes And Pimples

It is good to both drink milk and use it on your skin as a facial mask to reduce acne and pimples. Milk has lactic acid which can help cleanse the skin. It also helps reduce inflammation and remove acne causing bacteria from the skin. Also Read - 6 Workouts That May Not Be Very Effective For Men

It Is A Natural Cleanser

Milk contains a main ingredient be3cause of which it is considered very good for skin and that ingredient is lactic acid. Lactic acid works on cleaning our skin from inside out. It can help clear clogged pores thereby reducing acnes and pimples. It can reduce blackheads and whiteheads from our nasal area as well.

It A Natural Moisturizer

Raw milk contains nutrients like Vitamins, A, D, B6, B12, calcium, protein, biotin, etc. all of these ingredients are also good for our skin. It is good for nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing our skin. If you are facing any symptoms of dryness or itchiness, applying milk on your face can instantly put an end to them.  Also Read - Find Relief From Vertigo And Dizziness Using These 7 Effective Home Remedies