Winter Weight Loss Tips: 7 Water Exercises to Burn Calories and Tone Your Body

Winter weight loss tips: Water exercises are fun. Here are 7 effective water workouts that can help you lose weight fast.

Written by Satata Karmakar | Published : December 3, 2023 11:05 AM IST


Why Water Exercise Is Good?

Water exercise comes up with so many health benefits. You can burn your calories, strengthen muscles, reduce stress, improve heart health and lose your weight. Water exercise reduce the stress on your bones and joint, which helps you to lose your weight without giving stress to your body. It helps your body to make to get more flexibility and it reduce the chances of injury in your body. In this workout session both your lower and upper body used. Through this you can reduce the body weight with fun.



Water-based push-up workouts can burn a large number of calories. To do this exercise, place your hands on the pool edge, shift your body weight to your upper body, lift your toes from the pool floor, and raise your body without moving your legs, arms, and hands out of the pool. This exercise is highly effective for weight loss.


Prone Scissor Kick

This exercise should be done in the deep swimming pool, where your feet are not touching the pool. In this exercise you hold onto the edge of the pool, and lift your legs so your body is in a horizontal position, keeping your spine neutral from the back of your head to your tailbone. Keeping your knee soft, kick from your hip, whipping or flicking out through the toes. This exercise helps you to maintain balance, improve posture, and burn lots of calories. Also Read - Ginger And Chia Water For Belly Fat Loss: How Does It Work And Tips To Prepare It


Jumping Jacks

You have to stand straight in the pool with your head above water and your feet together, arms down at your sides. Jump your legs out to both sides as you raise your arms straight overhead. This exercise is similar to a jumping jack on normal field. This exercise helps to burn your calories, strengthens bones and muscles and reduces stress on your joints.


Side Shuffling

In this exercise, stand at one end of the pool and side shuffle from one edge to the other. This exercise enhances flexibility and strengthens your lower back muscles.