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Winter Indigestion: 5 Foods To Manage Symptoms of Acidity, Constipation And Bloating

Suffering from digestive issues? We have a solution, winter superfoods for treating indigestion. Scroll down to know more.

Written by Satata Karmakar | Published : November 28, 2022 12:25 PM IST


Winter Indigestion Can Be Harsh On The Body

Winter is here! The season not only brings challenges to your skin but also gives a tough time to your digestive system. From constipation to bloating, certain eating habits during the winter season are highly known for triggering major digestive issues. However, we have a solution, winter superfoods for treating indigestion. Scroll down to know more.



One of the first fruit that comes to mind when we talk about the winter season is oranges. Packed with vitamin C, oranges are also a great source of natural fiber and water. Both of these help in treating constipation-related symptoms. Also Read - Earthquakes: Possible Injuries And Prevention



These greens are great for those who are suffering from indigestion, and symptoms associated with the condition. Celery is high in apigenin content, a flavonoid that naturally occurs in plants. This ingredient helps in increasing the growth and diversity of good gut bacteria, which helps in improving digestion.



Palak, also known as spinach is another winter vegetable that has been proven extremely effective in treating symptoms associated with indigestion. Spinach is rich in nutrients, and fiber and is extremely effective in increasing the growth of healthy bacterial strains in the gut, also known as Lactobacillus. Also Read - Things You Must Not Say To Expecting Moms



These light orange-colored winter vegetables are a great source of Vitamin A. This is an important nutrient that helps in the growth of essential gut bacteria. Thus helping in coping with indigestion issues.



Last but not least add red tomatoes to your diet if you have problems associated with indigestion. Tomatoes are rich sources of prebiotics, a non-digestible component that helps in the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Also Read - How Cancer Care In India Is Improving?