What Parents Of Children Suffering From Type 1 Diabetes Need To Know


It can be stressful for kids to deal with type 1 diabetes. Parents can teach them to manage stress through techniques like mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

Written by Prerna Mittra | Updated : November 23, 2023 5:56 PM IST


Diabetes In Children

All parents want their children to grow up in a healthy manner, without any diseases. Unfortunately, type 1 diabetes mellitus is quite common and it predominantly affects children and young adults aged between the ages of 4 and 14 years. A chronic condition, it can be challenging to manage, says Dr Tejasvi Sheshadri, consultant - paediatric endocrinology of SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore, adding that early detection and "correct lifestyle adjustments" can make a lot of difference.


Minimal Physical Activity

When children are hooked to their phone screens, not interested in going out to play or do any kind of physical activity, they invite a host of health problems. Dr Sheshadri says this lack of movement -- in addition to the need for strict diet control and medication -- can make life difficult for kids with diabetes. But, parents have to know that with patience, care, and constant monitoring, these challenges can be overcome. The doctor suggests some simple ways to manage type 1 diabetes mellitus in kids. Scroll down. Also Read - India Reported Highest Number Of Childhood Diabetes And Deaths In 2019 In The World


Balanced Diet

According to the doctor, it is vital to keep a check on carbohydrate consumption and choosing complex carbohydrates like whole grains over simple sugars. A diverse diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats is essential. Regular meal timing and portion control can help stabilise blood sugar levels.


Regular Exercise

It is very important that children engage in regular physical activities. Walking, swimming, or cycling can be fun and beneficial. According to the doctor, regular exercise improves insulin sensitivity and helps with better blood sugar control. You must consult a healthcare professional to determine the best exercise for your child, she says. Also Read - 13 Ways To Control Diabetes Levels Among Children


Blood Sugar Monitoring

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels is a must. It can guide insulin dosage and lifestyle choices, ensuring optimal control of the child's condition.


Stress Management

It can be stressful for kids to deal with type 1 diabetes mellitus, because there are many lifestyle restrictions involved. Parents can teach them to manage stress through techniques like mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Spending quality time with friends and family can also contribute to their overall well-being, the doctor suggests. Also Read - Hands And Feet Turn Cold In Winter? 3 Yoga Asanas To Increase Blood Circulation


Routine Check-ups

Regular visits to the doctor are crucial for tracking the progress of the condition, assessing potential complications, and adjusting treatment plans as and when needed. It is important to adhere to the medications prescribed and to make lifestyle changes for long-term health.