Dopamine: How to naturally increase the hormone level

Dopamine sends signals to other nerve cells and is responsible for several brain and body functions. Diet and lifestyle changes can help increase its levels.

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Saturated Fats

Let go of saturated fats: Saturated fats found in butter and coconut oil can disrupt dopamine functioning in brain. The inflammation caused by these fats can lead to change in level of dopamine leading to poor cognitive functioning. Also Read - World Retina Day: Preventive Measures To Manage Progressive Retinal Diseases

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Meditation For Brain Health

Meditation is beneficial: Meditating for one hour can increase dopamine levels in body. It’s because meditation elevates mood and boosts happiness for a long. Therefore, rather than resting for relaxation, meditate.

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Exercise is helpful: Exercise elevates mood and boosts the levels of endorphins in body. One reason that exercise makes you feel better is because of the increase in dopamine levels. Therefore, exercises like yoga and aerobics are effective in increasing dopamine levels. It could also be beneficial for people with Parkinson, where patient loses motor controls. Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All About The National Clean Air Program

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Increase protein intake: Made of amino acids, which help in increasing the levels of dopamine, proteins are considered important for ‘dopamine diet’. The body synthesises amino acids in protein and produces dopamine. Protein-rich foods like eggs, soy and dairy are recommended.

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Sleep For Dopamine

Get enough sleep: When dopamine is released in body, it makes you alert. If you force yourself to stay awake through the night, your dopamine level could get seriously affected the next day. That’s the reason you find it difficult to stay up and fresh. However, it can also help in putting you sleep as you lack alertness and wakefulness.  Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All We Need To Do To Breathe Healthily