Munch on pumpkin seeds to fight diabetes, arthritis and more

Pumpkin seeds are a delicious source of essential nutrients that can help you fight many diseases. Read on to know more about the health benefits of these super seeds.

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Pumpkin or kaddu might not be your favourite vegetable but the seeds are surely on your favourite snacks’ list. These crunchy seeds taste heavenly. They are packed with valuable nutrients and even eating a handful can provide you with many essential nutrients. Pumpkin seeds are packed with healthy fats, zinc and magnesium. They contain a lot of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B2 and folate, which help you fight diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. It also induces better sleep and are a great source of protein. It increases your metabolism too. Monsoon has arrived and with it the season of cold and flu. Include these super seeds to keep these ailments at bay. Pumpkin seeds are a great alternative to unhealthy fried potatoes and packaged snacks. And, you are not even compromising on taste. Here, we tell you more about the benefits of pumpkin seeds.

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It is great for people with arthritis: It is packed with fatty acids like omega-3 and omega -6, which not only give you relief from arthritic pain, but also lowers your risk of developing one.

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It helps in weight loss: Pumpkin seeds are a great source of proteins, which help you manage your hunger. It has iron, which helps you maintain high energy levels and keep your cravings of sugary foods at bay.

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It improves digestion: These seeds exert a diuretic effect (increase urination) on your body, thereby relieving bladder discomfort. They contain amino acids that act as an anti-bacterial agent eliminating intestinal worms.

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It helps in controlling diabetes: These are found to control blood sugar level. They regulate insulin production and keep diabetes in check.

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It prevents depression: It prevents depression caused by hormonal imbalance. It has certain amino acids, which are responsible for the hormones that play a vital role in the regulation of behaviour and better sleep and mood.

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Prostate, Resize

It keeps your prostate glands healthy: It is one of the most important food for men because it maintains prostate health. Zinc present in these seeds helps in normal functioning of the prostate gland.