Top tips to enhance your concentration

Are you easily distracted by your surroundings and are unable to focus on your work? Read on to know what you can do to improve your concentration.

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Turn On A Light

Turn on a light: Dim-light can cause sleepiness, so turn on a light. Bright light will rejuvenate the body, ease eye strain and increase alertness.

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Train Your Brain

Just like everything else, your brain needs to be trained to concentrate. The cognitive capacity to focus can be at its best when your brain is sufficiently trained. Certain types of games like sudoku, crossword chess, scrambles and will help you do that. Along with concentration, they help in improving memory and problem-solving skills.

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Improve Your Snooze Time

Lack of sleep can have a really bad impact on your concentration and other cognitive functions. Without sleep, your brain cannot function at its best, and a tired brain fails to deliver. Tried brain can slow down your reflexes, memory and attention. Missing sleep for a day or two might not affect you a lot but doing it regularly will slow down your brain’s data processing skills.

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Play Video Games

Apart from scrambles and chess, video games can also improve your concentration. According to a research done at the Clinical Hospital of Chengdu Brain Science Institute, video games help improve the visual selective attention (VSA). VSA enables you to retain your focus on an ongoing visual activity or representation and ignore distractions.

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According to a study published in the BioMed Research International, regular exercise can improve your concentration in just 4 weeks. As the rate of blood flow increases, the brain functionality improves. Although the study recommends aerobic exercise, it is best to start with what can do. Doing something is better than nothing.

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Spend Time In The Lap Of Nature

Take some time out of every day and spend some time with the nature. Apart from rejuvenating you, there are many perks of being close to nature. One among them is enhancing your concentration levels.