15 things mothers need to carry during road trips with toddlers

This list is about those things that you don't consider as essentials but still end up looking for them in your bag

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Traveling Checklist For Babies

We know that travelling with a toddler is not easy and if you are not prepared, your trip could be a disaster. But it happens to the best of us that we find ourselves digging the bottom of our bags for that one essential item, which we missed to pack. So, today we bring you the absolute essentials that you need to pack for your journey for the sake of your toddler. And no, we are not talking about the usual diapers, feeding bottles, baby wipes and formula. We know you won’t miss them, but here are the other essentials that need to be in your travel bag:

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Band-aids and antiseptic creams: With kids you can never be sure when they will land up with a scratch, cut or wound, while on the road. Having a band-aid or antiseptic cream will help you provide the required first-aid in such a situation.  Also Read - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2022: 4 Signs Of Prostate Enlargement

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Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent: Not that I recommend using them regularly. But when you are going to an unknown destination it is better to keep one with you and use it too. You may never be sure of the presence of the tiny beasts. The least you want is to return from your vacation with a sick kid struggling to revive from diseases like malaria or dengue.

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Paracetamol: You can never miss out on this. We all know how slight changes in weather can make your baby’s temperature rise. Whether you are visiting a hill station or going to explore the beaches, keep a bottle of paracetamol safely tugged in your travel bag.  Also Read - 5 Routine Habits That Impact Sperm Count Of Men

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Antiemetic Drops

Antiemetic: Better known as anti-vomiting medicines they are like a life saviour during long distance road travels. Most kids suffer from motion sickness and having an antiemetic just makes it easier to counter those vomiting bouts on roads.

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Combiflam: If you are carrying paracetamol drops, you don’t need to carry combiflam separately. But then we all know prevention is better than cure. It can help you counter any aches and pains your child might suffer from in case she gets hurt, suffers from an ear-infection or headache during the trip.  Also Read - Newborn Screening Awareness Month: Protect Little Ones From Inborn Errors Of Metabolism

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Anti-allergy Medicines

Anti-allergic medicines: You don’t need a reminder from us to pack these.

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Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs or gauzes: These you can use to treat any cuts or bruises while applying an antiseptic cream or lotion.  Also Read - Cholera Outbreak Kills 29 in Syria; Know When The Disease Can Become Deadly

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Baby Foods

Snacks: A hungry kid during the journey equals to a disaster on roads. So keep some snacks ready, even if you have planned to take snack breaks during your journey. Kid’s hunger pangs are unpredictable. They can go without food for long hours, but on the roads their hunger level could reach the peak. Keep some baby food handy.

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Shawl Or Pullover

Shawl or pullover: No matter the climate or time of the season. Pack one spare and keep it with you. The ac in the car, the seasonal winds anything can make your child feel the chills and cry for warmth.  Also Read - Benefits Of Fasting: How Fasting Can Detox & Cleanse Your Body, Watch Video

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Plastic Bags

Plastic bags: Keep at least three to four in a pouch within your reach, they can double up as sickness bags if your child feels nauseated, as waste bags or be of help in numerous manners.

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Spare newspapers: You have no idea how helpful and handy they are: to wrap a soiled diaper, dispose baby wipes, leftover sandwiches and much more.  Also Read - Navratri Tips: Here's How You Should Plan Your Fasting Meals In Order To Remain Energetic And Lose Weight, Watch Video

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Tissue Papers

Tissue papers: Just pack them; you really don’t need a reason for these.

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Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers: It is a must-have as you might not have access to clean water and soap to wash your hands often.  Also Read - Face Fat: Here Are Some Effective Tips To Lose Face Fat, Watch Video

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Rehydration Sachets

Rehydration sachets: In case you are travelling long hours and your baby isn’t able to stomach food; these sachets will help to keep your baby hydrated enough.

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Baby caps, mittens or booties: If you are travelling overnight with a baby under one year of age, these things might just help her to stay warm at night and sleep peacefully. Or keeping a baby blanket for that matter also helps. Also Read - Newborn Screening: Why It Is Needed And How It Is Done?