These 6 Workout Habits May Be Hurting Your Body More Than You Think

Fitness is not always about just gaining muscles and abs, it is about targeting each and every part of your body and building overall strength.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : November 29, 2023 8:28 PM IST


Workout Mistakes You Must Note

Working out to stay fit is essential but along with that you should also pay attention to the other details. For instance, the technique of workout, eating the right food, targeting the right muscles, paying equal attention to each body part and most of all staying hydrated. Going to the gym is just the first step to fitness and is probably the easiest bit. The difficult parts come after you start your journey.


Do Not Overemphasize Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises are important but often people focus too much on them and barely on compound movements like deadlifts and squats. If you do not balance out your workouts and target each and every part of your body , it may lead to muscle imbalances and reduce your functional strength. Also Read - 8 Foods To Increase Your Sperm Count Instantly


Pay Attention To Chronic Slight Dehydration

Severe dehydration is very easily noticeable and you can take fast action to avoid any dehydration related health damages. But, chronic slight dehydration is hard to note. This is equally damaging as severe dehydration. The most dangerous part is the inability to note that you body is dehydrated. This type of dehydration can impact your muscles ability to heal and your body's ability to retain enough energy while working out.


Do Not Stretch Too Much

Stretching is very good to help your muscles relax and loosen any knots or tension but overdoing it is also not good especially if you are planning to do weight lifting. Why? When you stretch more than required, your muscle actually become weaker. Along with this your joints will become weaker and your body will be more prone to injuries.  Also Read - Instead Of A Hard 'No', Know Why It Is Better To Explain Things To A Child


Pay Attention To Grip Strength

Grip strength is as important as your biceps, triceps, leg strength and core strength. But often people forget to pay attention to it because it is not as glamorous as getting biceps and abs.