These 5 Common Habits Damage The Collagen In Your Skin

Dr Saru Singh shares five habits that damage skin collagen.

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Published : December 15, 2022 7:00 PM IST


A vital component of the body's connective tissues is the protein collagen. One-third of all proteins in humans are made up of this rigid, non-soluble, and fibrous protein. Collagen is primarily composed of tightly packed molecules to form long, thin fibrils that support one another and keep the skin firm and elastic. Collagen comes in various forms, each with distinct functions and structures. Dr Saru Singh, an Aesthetic Physician, shares habits that damage skin collagen


Smoking Or Hookah

Smoking raises MMP levels, which causes collagen, elastic fibres, and proteoglycans to break down. This suggests that the metabolism of dermal connective tissue is unbalanced between biosynthesis and degradation. The premature skin ageing brought on by tobacco use also involves reactive oxygen species. Quit these activities to build back the collagen of your skin and make it healthy. Also Read - The Vital Role Of Awareness In Organ Donation: A Call To Action For India


Not Taking Enough Protein

Elastin, collagen, and keratin are a few proteins that make up your Nails, Hair and Skin. You could have dry skin, brittle hair, and fingernail ridges when your body cannot produce them. Of course, other factors could be at play, but your diet is one to consider. To improve the condition, you should focus on a protein-rich diet to help build back the collagen.


Not Taking Enough Antioxidants In The Diet

By lowering the level of free radicals in the tissues, antioxidants such as vitamins, polyphenols, and flavonoids can slow down collagen deterioration. In addition to shielding your existing collagen from free radicals, they can encourage your body to produce new collagen.


Not Using SPF

UV rays cause the skin to produce free radicals, which damage DNA and cause wrinkles. Additionally, it increases the formation of melanin, which results in skin discolourations. To protect your skin from UV Rays Damage, you must use SPF before leaving home. Also Read - Should You Avoid Cold Food That Affects Your Body During Periods?


Collagen Supplements

They are the most efficient way to accomplish this. The collagen found in collagen supplements, known as hydrolyzed collagen, can be absorbed by the body and used there to maintain the health of the gut, skin, joints, muscles, and bones.