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Sun Exposure: 4 Myths You Should Be Aware Of

How can you protect your skin from harsh UV rays?

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Published : March 23, 2023 8:48 PM IST

Sun Exposure: 4 Myths You Should Be Aware Of

The importance of sunscreen cannot be stressed on enough. As days progress, the sun is becoming more scorching and due to global warming, the presence of UV rays in the sun rays are also increasing.

Myths You Should Know About

Experts have conducted multiple studies on the how our skin is impacted by sun rays. There are lots of myths circling around this subject and we are here to bust some of them. According to some studies, cloudy skies do not mean UV rays cannot reach you. Rather, clouds may actually shatter the UV ways and that would make them more intense. With that happening, it also increases the risk of skin damage and sunburn.  Also Read - "Amma Please Come Back In Good Mood": Doctor Moms Share Their Juggle B/W Work And Kids

Myth: It Is Safe To Not Wear Sunscreen Under Cloudy Sky

This is not true at all. As mentioned above, cloudy skies can make UV rays more intense. UV radiations can easily penetrate the clouds and reach the earth.

Myth: Sunscreen Lasts All Day Long

Not true. While strong SPF’s help protect the skin better, it does not work all day long. They also need to be re-applied constantly especially if you are in the swimming pool or at the beach. Also Read - Dear Women, Go Ahead & Make Some MsChief

Myth: It Is Safe Not To Wear Sun Block In Water

Water is known to reflect sunlight; therefore, not wearing sunscreen under the water is a bad idea. Water does not protect us from UV radiations. Because we are not feeling hot or sweaty when we are under the water, does not mean that we are well-protected from radiations.

Myth: Skin Cancer Cannot Happen On Covered Body Parts

This is not true. Skin cancer like Melanoma actually can under the feet, under the nails, palm of hands or other covered areas. Other types of cancers can also impact the covered areas.  Also Read - Amoxicillin 500mg Capsules: Over the counter