Stress-Induced Weight Gain Is Real But Can You Prevent It?

Stress impacts different people differently, some people gain weight while others loose weight. But, both can make you prone to diseases.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : November 23, 2023 5:06 PM IST


Impacts Of Stress

Stress impacts your body is more than that you can imagine. It can impact your metabolism rate, it can impact your sleep schedule, and sleep quality, it can impact your gut health and lastly, it impacts your eating habits. If stress has a hold over your entire body function, naturally, it will impact your weight.


How To Sleep Better?

When you do not get enough sleep, your hunger hormones become imbalance leading to increased hunger or decreased hunger. Some people eat too much and some eat too less. You can fix this by simply staying disciplined about your bed time. Practice activities that can calm your down right before bed time. Drink soothing herbal tea or take a nice warm bath. This will relax you and you will sleep well.  Also Read - Ginger And Chia Water For Belly Fat Loss: How Does It Work And Tips To Prepare It


How To Stop Binge Eating?

People binge eat when they are depressed, sad or stressed or when they are hormonal. Unfortunately, this is bad for your health as it can lead to junk food consumption and weight gain. How can you avoid it? If you are constantly hungry, keep healthy options in your kitchen. Snack on fruits or protein-rich foods or calcium-rich foods. Always keep foods that are low in fat and high in nutrition.


Blood Sugar Spike Due To Stress

Chronic stress can increase insulin levels and put your at high risk of diabetes or a blood sugar spike for people with diabetes. In order to avoid this, keep taking your medications on time, consult your doctor and learn how to manage stress.