Stress can lead to many health problems: Beat it with these 5 simple strategies

Many factors trigger stress and the cause may be different for each person. But these natural methods can help anyone to cope with it.

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Check what you eat: Your eating habits can have a significant impact on your stress levels. Following a proper diet with a good balance of different nutrients is essential to keep your body and mind healthy.  Also Read - World Retina Day: Preventive Measures To Manage Progressive Retinal Diseases

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Get enough sleep: Getting adequate sleep, between 7-8 hours, is a good way to stay energised and effectively manage the challenges of the day.

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Indulge in a physical activity: All forms of physical activity can help in managing stress. Exercise can help in releasing endorphins and calming the mind, as well as reduce stress levels.  Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All About The National Clean Air Program

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Include herbs in daily diet: Herbs like Ashvagandha are known to be effective in managing the negative effects of stress.

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Adopt good time management: Prioritise your tasks and schedule the time to complete them. Organising your workload will give you a sense of control and peace of mind.  Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All We Need To Do To Breathe Healthily