Air pollution in Delhi the worst: Ayurvedic practices to reverse its effects

With Delhi air oscillating between 'poor' and 'very poor', and the situation not looking good in most other places in India, we need to look at ways to fight the effects of air pollution. Ayurveda shows us the way.

Written by Editorial Team | Published : July 11, 2019 2:39 PM IST


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Nasya Karma: This treatment comes under Panchkarma therapy. It is also known as nasal drop treatment. It clears the nasal cavities and prevents allergies caused by environmental pollutants. Though the treatment has its own rules, and should be done under supervision, you can safely try putting 2-3 drops of pure almond oil or ghee in each nostril every day at bedtime and after waking up in the morning.  Also Read - The 9-1 Rule: A Simple Path to Health and Well-Being


Oil pulling with sesame oil: Most of us breathe in through our mouths if our nose is blocked. This procedure helps in cleaning harmful bacteria from our mouths. Take a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for approximately 15 minutes, swirl it around and then spit it out. It strengthens the mucous lining of the mouth to fight various allergens that enter our mouth through air.


Diet and herbs: Consume foods that strengthens your respiratory or immune system. Eating foods like ginger and carom seeds nullifies the effects of pollutants by helping your body to flush out toxins. Have tulsi and trifala to strengthen your respiratory system.  Also Read - Unleash Your Inner Giant with These Height-Boosting Stretches


Neem water: Neem is an anti-bacterial plant. Skin and hair are always exposed to air pollution. Wash your hair and face with neem water to remove such pollutants from your skin or hair.


Abhyanga or oil massage: This helps in better circulation of blood. This massage should be done by an Ayurveda expert. Sesame oils and other Ayurvedic oils infused with herbs are used here to increase your body’s immunity. It detoxifies your body and acts as a rejuvenator.  Also Read - 8 Collagen-Rich Foods You Must Add To Your Diet