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Signs You Have Fractured A Bone

Watch out for pain, swelling and deformity

Written by Kashish Sharma | Published : February 6, 2023 10:35 PM IST


Had A Bad Fall Or Hit?

A break in the length of a bone can be called a fracture. It happens when excessive stress or trauma is caused to the bone. A person might fall or have an accident or might get hit by an object. Any injury can result in a fracture. Sometimes, it might be difficult to figure out if one has fractured a bone or whether it is a bad injury.


A Crunchy Feeling Under The Skin

Among the prominent symptoms of the fracture are hearing or feeling a snapping or grinding noise when the injury happens, swelling or tenderness around the injured area and excruciating pain when some stress or pressure is applied to the affected area. Sometimes, the injured part might look deformed or the bone could be seen protruding through the skin.


Fractures Have Types

In a closed fracture, only the bone is affected and the surrounding tissues do not see tearing whereas, in a compound fracture, the surrounding tissues are also injured. Compound fractures are riskier as there is a fear of infection. Fractures and dislocations must be treated immediately. Also Read - 7 Out Of Every 10 Urban Indians Experience Digestive Issues: Survey


Different From Dislocation

There is a difference between fracture and dislocation. The former involves joints which can get out of alignment and can sometimes become scarier than fractures. A broken bone, however, in most cases will not move too far from its position.