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Should You Be Scrubbing Daily?

The purpose of skin scrubs is to remove piled-up dead cells and hence they are not required to be used daily

Written by Kashish Sharma | Published : February 3, 2023 11:55 PM IST


Piled Up Dead Cells

Skin desquamation is the natural process of shedding skin but the process is not fully perfect. Sometimes the dead skin cells can build up on the surface of your skin. At this time, body scrubs can come in handy. These scrubs can remove dead cells, unclog the pores and prevent ingrown hairs.


Avoid Sun Or Steam

Experts say that right after using body scrubs that are exfoliants, the skin can be slightly more sensitive, so it is advisable that one must not sunbathe or go into a steam room after using them to prevent irritation.


Avoid Sugary Scrubs On Face

Some experts also advise not to use sugar scrubs on the face. According to them, sugar scrubs are composed of large sugar cubes that make them hard for the facial skin. They can also lead to tearing of skin, scratches and wounds. Also Read - Do You Have Emotionally Intimacy with Them? See Signs


Overuse Can Cause More Harm Than Good

As per experts, if one might be using a body scrub frequently, then they must apply lotion immediately to hold in moisture and avoid any kind of irritation. Sometimes scrubbing too much can also lead to disruption of the skin barrier.