Thinking of hitting the bed with someone new? Don’t miss these tips

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It’s quite normal to either feel extremely excited or overwhelmingly intimidated by the idea of having sex with someone new for the first time. But, you don’t need to feel that way. Just wear your confidence and walk to that steamy room with right mood. To attain perfect pleasure between the sheets, bank on to these tips.

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Go for a refreshing walk or try some yoga poses before your date: It’s important to take a deep breath and relax before having sex. A short walk will help you calm down whereas some yoga will boost your imagination and will help you come up with perfect positions to have the best of it.

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Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes: Confidence comes with comfort. Therefore, make sure you don’t end up wearing something never worn before. That may block you from opening up before your partner. You can go for some cheeky panties and a lightly-lined, underwire-free bra or no bra at all.

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Keep a mouthwash in your purse: To avoid smelly breath and setting off your partner’s mood, always carry a mouthwash before heading for the special night. Smelling good is extremely important for your partner's sexual drive.

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Don’t forget a fresh and sexy pair of undies: Avoid dirty underwear for your vaginal health. You may end up having rashes and infections after using that. Therefore, always carry a fresh pair of undies before hitting the bed with your partner. Moreover, you can go for sexy lingerie, that will make you look more desirable.

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Get protection: Not only to avoid chances of getting pregnant, but also to have safe sex, using protection is extremely important. It’s always suggested to have responsible pleasure. Therefore, carry protection before going for the big day.