6 things real women wish men knew about female orgasms

Moaning does not mean that we reached climax.

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Things Real Women Wish Men Knew About Orgasms

Yes, we agree that female orgasm can be one of the greatest mysteries. But if you have an inflated sense of confidence in the bedroom, you need to get some dope on orgasms because not all your tricks work. Here’s what a few women want you to know about orgasms.

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We Do Not Moan Always

We do not always moan: Our orgasms can range from whispers to moans. We may not moan even after reaching climax. Just because we are not screaming, does not mean that you are not pleasing.  Also Read - Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Eye Sight: Know How To Make Vision Better As Per Ayurveda, Watch Video

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The Same Trick Does Not Work

The same trick does not work: Just because we climaxed when we were on top, does not mean that it is going to happen all the time. You need to put effort. We might not climax the same way all the time.

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There Are Different Types Of Orgasm

There are different types of orgasms: While some women have clitoral orgasms, others have the G-spot hit. So just work on finding the clitoris and start stimulating it. You do not need to hit the G-spot to have us orgasm.  Also Read - Anxiety In Children With Cancer: How Can It Impact Mental Well-Being?

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Sex Is Fun Even If There Is No Orgasm

Sex is fun even if there is no orgasm: If you have given your best, and we still did not reach our peak, it does not mean that you are not sexy. Even if we do not get an orgasm, sometimes we just enjoy the journey.

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Don’t Assume We Had An Orgasm

Don’t assume we had an orgasm: Don’t get busy giving yourself high-fives in the mirror. Sometimes, despite our heavy panting, it is possible that we did not cross the finish-line.  Also Read - International Day Of Older Persons 2022: 5 Lifestyle Tips For Healthy Aging

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We Need The Vibrator

We need the vibrator: Yes, we need you to stimulate our erogenous zones to orgasm, but vibrators can help too. While you penetrate, we can use vibrators to stimulate our clit and hit climax faster.