5 signs you should call off your wedding

Not sure whether you are marrying the right person? Here are legitimate reasons why you should call off your wedding!

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Whether you find someone on your own or your parents arrange a partner for you, getting married is serious business. You are actually making a lifelong commitment to love, tolerate and live under the same roof with another person, and maybe his family too. Do not get into it blindly, and definitely not if it doesn't feel right. Here are five reasons when you must call off your wedding.

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Personal Issues

If you two have personal issues, and arguments stemming out of it, you should maybe stall the wedding for sometime and try to sort out the differences. Getting married with the hope of solving personal issues is a suicidal idea. If you cannot tolerate a person before getting married, living with them 24/7 will be very difficult.

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True love is conditional, or so people expect. However, we often try to change a few things in our partner that we might not like. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is when your partner wants to change you completely to become a new person. Expecting an independent girl to give up her life and dreams to become a sanskaari housewife is pure torture! Do not marry into such a mindset.

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If your relationship feels too much work, then it is not worth it. If your everyday struggle is to keep your would-be husband and in-laws happy, trust me, it will all go downhill after the wedding. If a family cannot respect you, call off the wedding immediately.

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Do your in-laws or would-be husband lay too many restrictions? Not to stay out late, not to speak in front of elders, unfriend all your male friends! Listen to them and understand that they are crappy people. You can do better than getting married and living in a jail.

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Say NO

So you got engaged and are about to get married? Did you get enough time to process all the sudden changes? Do you have only enough time to prepare for the wedding? If you are emotionally not ready to commit, and the whole affair feels too rushed, do not hesitate to put your foot down and ask for time before you get married.