Relationship goals: 10 things you must do with your partner

You must do these 10 things when in a relationship!

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When love is in the air and you and your partner are completely head over heels for each other, then you begin to build castles in your mind and start having relationship goals, which may sound silly but are actually cute. Remember how we put it, ‘everything is fair in love.’ Scroll through to find out the 10 things in a relationship that will give you immeasurable happiness.

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Pool Dipped

Talk your heart out with your feet in the pool- The deep intense discussions with your partner for hours and hours with your feet dipped in the cool and soothing water is the best thing that can happen in a relationship where the other person can listen endlessly to all that you say, even if it is outright crazy.

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Sleep Under The Stars

Sleep under the stars- Go up on the terrace and lie under the stars, feeling the fresh breeze. Nothing can calm or comfort you more than this dark silence where all you can listen is each other’s breaths. This can be immensely relaxing as you take a break from all the noise out there.

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Dance In Rain

Dance in the rain- Dancing in rain is like a healing therapy, so dance like nobody is watching you. Dance together, ease yourself, release all the pressure and tensions of life and just live in the moment with each other.

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Photo Walk

Go for a photo walk- Explore the beauty of the bountiful nature and also discover the beauty of your relationship that was been ignored by you two. Going together for a photo walk will unearth your natural beauty and make your relationship more beautiful.

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Cook Together

Cook you favourite dish together- You can notice some really interesting things about your partner if you guys cook together. Prepare your favourite dish together and see more closely what your partner likes or prefers more. So, what’s cooking in there?

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Play something together- Go all sporty with your partner. Play some games with your partner, be it an indoor game like chess, ludo or scrabble or be it an outdoor game/sport like badminton or tennis. You can also go swimming together.

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Go out for a vacation together- You keep going out for routine lunches or dinners but now it is time to take a break from your busy schedule and go out on an adventurous vacation together like going out trekking or camping.

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Sing Together

Go for karaoke together- Sing out your favorite song together and dedicate it each other. No matter how bad you sing but here feelings and emotions matter more than your sound or vocals.

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Learn something together- Join any class or do something that you like together. You guys can go out together and learn things like contemporary dance, salsa, painting or singing. Just don’t give a back seat to your hobbies if you are in a relationship.

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Movie Date

Watch a movie in your home theatre- Give yourselves some alone time lovebirds. Watch a movie together in your own little movie theatre and enjoy it to the fullest.