7 annoying things men should NOT do during foreplay

Sexual pleasure is a two-way street! Make sure you avoid making mistakes that can make sex a bitter experience for your wife or girlfriend.

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7 Annoying Things Men Should NOT Do During Foreplay

Most women and even men enjoy foreplay a lot more than sexual intercourse. After all, it gives you the chance to explore your partner's body and her various pleasure points. However, if the passion in your sex life is starting to fizzle out and she seems disinterested in bed, chances are you're making one of these seven mistakes during foreplay:

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Demanding Oral Sex Without Reciprocating

Pushing her head down: Don’t bully her into giving you a blowjob. It is a major turn off in bed. She will go down on you when she wants to and instead of physically making her do it, you could just ask for one.

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Being Too Rough With Her Boobs

Being too rough with her boobs: We get that you’re excited to see her naked breasts and fondle them but they are not meant to be treated as stress balls! Don’t twist and pull on her nipples and squeeze too hard. It can be really painful.

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Bad Touch

You touch her in the wrong places: Every woman is conscious of at least one aspect about her body. If she has told you she doesn’t like it when you repeatedly rub her belly or thighs or any other body part, stop doing it immediately. It won’t help in turning her on.

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Too Much Clitoral Stimulation

You go overboard with fingering her: You might have read several articles about how it is important to stimulate her clitoris but don’t overdo it. Her clitoris is extremely sensitive and rubbing it continuously or being too rough will not make come achieve an orgasm. Be gentle and ask for instructions.

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Too Dominating

You’re way too dominating: There’s nothing wrong with telling her what you want in bed and giving a few instructions but before you try something new in bed, ask her if she would be comfortable with it. Don’t just assume she will be happy to do as you say.

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Rushing Through Foreplay

Rushing through foreplay: If all that you can think about is having sexual intercourse with her and you don’t let foreplay last for more than a few minutes, sorry to break it to you but she is definitely not enjoying herself.

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Being Too Talkative Or Way Too Quiet

Being too quiet or talking too much: Foreplay is fun when you and your partner communicate and talk a little about what turns you on. Being too quiet in bed will make her wonder if you’re actually present but on the other hand being way too talkative will also kill the mood. Balance is everything!