Step-by-step guide to get your woman in the mood for sex

Your are sure to get some wild action with these easy tips...

Written by Editorial Team | Updated : November 4, 2018 5:54 AM IST

A Step-by-step Guide To Getting Her In The Mood Tonight

Sometimes when your desire is at its peak, your woman might not feel the same. But that doesn’t mean you switch off the lights, pull the blanket and sulk. Instead, prepare for the night, do everything you can to rekindle romance and spark that fire in your girl. Wondering how to get started? Follow our step-by-step guide for help.

Set The Mood

Set the ambience: Get back from work early and start setting the scene right. Aromatic candles, flowers, preferably red roses, a bottle of wine, chocolates, the bed made ready with flowers all over will be a big surprise for her. Remember, girls love surprises. Light the candles when you know she is close home. When she is in pull her in your arms and settle in bed comfortably and share a bottle of her favourite red wine.  Also Read - Arjun Rampal Birthday: 6 Steal-Worthy Fitness Secrets Behind Arjun Rampal's Hot Physique At 51

Drink Red Wine

Drink red wine: According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine polyphenols, an antioxidant present in red wine might help blood vessels widen and increase blood flow to the pelvic area. This will surely get her in the mood after the warm surprise. But don’t exceed more than a glass. So go slow, enjoy the wine and company.

Give A Sensual Massage

Give a sensual massage: Don’t jump on her after you finish the wine, instead arouse her senses with a sensual massage. Going up and down her hands, pressing on her shoulders, a finger-tip hair massage after the wine will take pampering to a different level and without your saying it will give her enough indication for the fun ahead.  Also Read - What Is Considered To Be An Excessive Amount Of Alcohol Consumption?

Plant Kisses

Plant kisses: When she lets herself lose in your arms and hugs you, responding the way you want. Start the act with kisses. Never underestimate the power of a kiss. There’s nothing more passionate than kissing and once you get those sparks going, there should be no turning back. The cheeks, ears and the face all deserve a peck and more. Soft bites on the ears and neck can also do wonders.

Linger On With Foreplay

Linger on with foreplay: Let the session on foreplay last a little longer. Keep in mind that even though sex is treated as a purely physical act, it has a deep emotional quotient too. A gentle touch or caress can be a lot more powerful than penetration.

Go Slow

Go slow: Once in the act don’t be in the hurry to reach the climax, a woman like it when you give more importance to the journey than the destination. Allow her to take the lead and guide you. This will make sex pleasurable for both of you and help to get a satisfactory orgasm.

Try Her Favorite Sex Position

Try her favourite sex position: If she likes missionary then don’t expect too much experimentation or if cowgirl position is her favourite try that to make lovemaking more intense. This will make the night more romantic and she will be more receptive towards your moves.  Also Read - Winter Woes: Tackling Bladder Issues With Seasonal Strategies

Give Her Orgasmic Pleasure

Give her orgasmic pleasure: A woman can orgasm in various ways. Yes, if you got her in the mood, you need to give her a good orgasm too. Clitoris stimulation, G-spot massage or a combined stimulation, nipple stimulation, these are just a few ways in which you can give your woman an orgasm she will remember forever.

Wrap Her In Your Arms

Wrap her in your arms: Most men after the final act think it’s over. Hang on guys, it’s not over yet. You love her not just her curves, right? Hug her to feel her warmth and make her feel she is loved. Without this don’t expect the next round to go as smooth as this one. Keep her in your arms till she wants.