7 ways to be happy and single again! (Slide Show)

Trying to recover from a break-up? We try and make this easier for you with some easy post break-up tips.

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Be Happy And Single

Just broke up? Pick up those broken pieces and kickstart your life again. It's not a bad idea to have all the focus on yourself and do things that you would have overlooked otherwise. Here are some ideas to move past this low phase in your life.

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Travel As Much

Go the extra mile - To leave behind old memories, you have to make some new, pleasant ones. What better than interacting with interesting people? Invite some friends of friends or have an open invitation for a trip nearby. To begin with, even a small get together for the weekend would do.

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Try Water Sports

Try different stunts - Get the adventure back in your life. Set up plans with a group of like-minded people for water or adventure sports, treks or camps. You could also try listening to some music, learn a dance form or join an art, drama/acting classes. If none of this sounds interesting, pick something that you love doing and join a workshop for at least 2-3 times a week.

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Get Into Fitness

Freak out with fitness - It’s true, all those dinner dates, drinks, movies, and shopping could certainly have left you with little or no time for your fitness routine. Now that you are single, focus on your fitness. Nothing feels better than a fit and healthy body. To make things better, form a ‘gym group’ for some company.

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Read Again

Read and revive – If it helps, read books about life, relationships and philosophy. Even biographies and autobiographies of people who have probably dealt with similar or worse situations in life can help lift your spirits. Get inspired and cheer up!

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Let Music Heal

Melt into music - Let music be your new, loyal companion. Give yourself to melodious tunes, meaningful lyrics and you are sure to find yourself in a better place. It's not a bad idea to invest some time learning a new instrument and making the most of it either.

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Express With Words

Give writing a try -- Scribbling down random phrases, words and moments could serve as therapy during a low phase. You don't have to be a great writer, but it's a simple way to record how you are coping post the brake-up. Try this reflective method to overcome your 'love' problems.

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Time Is The Best Healer

Let time heal the pain – In a situation like this, don’t push yourself more than required. You don’t have to take extreme steps like jump into the next relationship or go on a dating spree, you’d probably make things worse with such impulsive decisions.