7 types of kisses you should try with your partner

Did you know about kisses called Eskimo kiss and Butterfly kiss.

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Types Of Kisses

According to a study conducted by Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, kissing played a pivotal role in helping people decide their potential partner. Just like everything else, monotony can take the spice out of kissing and the more types of kisses you know, the better it is for you. Here are a few kisses you should try out.

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Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kiss: This doesn’t really involve kissing, but it is extremely romantic nevertheless. In this type of kiss, both partners come close to each other in a manner that their eyelashes come into contact. They then bat these eyelashes gently against one another.

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French Kiss

French kiss: Certainly one of the most well-known forms of kissing, the French kiss is perfect for an intensely passionate moment. It involves both partners starting with the locking of lips, and is followed with them opening their mouth to access each other’s tongues with intensity.

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Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss: One of the most cutest form of kisses, this involves both partners rubbing their noses against each other to build intimacy.

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Pecks: Pecks refer to simple grazing of lips against any part of the partner’s body. They can be on the cheek, the lips, the neck or even the back. They are an important part of foreplay, and can build the passion for more passionate and intense kisses.

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The Hickey

The hickey: The hickey or the love bite is another well-known form of kiss. It involves kissing someone by sucking on a part of their body for a long time. It leaves the area red for some time.

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Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kiss: This kiss involves one partner tugging the other partner’s earlobe with their lips. It is very sensual since the earlobe is a sensitive area.

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Spiderman Kiss

Spiderman kiss: Made famous by the Spiderman series, this involves both partners lying in reverse directions, with only their faces or lips coming into contact. Partners can also cup their hands around their mouths.